Attending The 2017 Toby Hall Spring Training Celebrity Golf Classic

Every year, former MLB catcher Toby Hall puts on an incredible charity event, which raises IMG_4723money for incredible organizations that allow under-privelaged children play baseball.

Friday, I covered the 2017 classic. The day started off with registration at Inverness Hall in Innisbrook, which is a beautiful golf course in Palm Harbor, Florida.

I traditionally stay for the entire event, but due to exams, I could only stay for a portion of the day. While I was there, I took a look at some of the great items being sold, which included waterproof speakers, golf gloves, and portable chargers. The food for the event was catered by P.F. Chang’s, which excited many of the hungry golfers. IMG_3094

I didn’t expect to see many golfers there until later in the day, but many were anxious to arrive early. The event starts at 11, but there were very many people there when I initially arrived at 10. After chatting with some people walking around, I found that the common theme is that they are happy to play for the charitable aspect of the event. There were screens showing pictures from The Miracle League, which is an incredible foundation that gives disabled and handicapped children and adults the chance to play baseball.

IMG_9748The golfers also shared that they were excited for the opportunity to play alongside famous athletes and celebrities.

In conclusion, The Foundation really does incredible things and makes a positive impact on the community. It may be a year away, but I am already looking forwards to the 2018 Toby Hall Spring Training Celebrity Golf Classic.

Yankees Fans: Read This Article

Here at, we tend to often look at other sources to gather information when seeking news, opinions, and stories. But sometimes there’s an article thats so good that we just have to give the link.

The link above gives an in-depth schedule of the “best case scenario” for the Yankees in 2017. Although it is humorous and silly at times, I think it should give Yankees readers a good laugh.

Yanks Eyeing Quintana

The bombers are likely done spending money this offseason.

Multiple indications suggest the Yankees have signed who they want and are now turning to the trade market to suit their future needs. 5-8_jose_quintana_white_sox

The most important need that needs to be addressed is clearly another starting pitcher.

They need a solid #2 behind Tanaka.

The Yankees have made it clear that they are interested in the White Sox best pitcher, Jose Quintana.

Quintana went 13-12 with a 3.20 ERA and 181 strikeouts over 208 frames.

The Sox have already traded Sale and Eaton, and they are looking to continue with their current fire-sale. Quintana wouldn’t cost much, in terms of dollars. He’s set to make under $10 Million the next two seasons. The hefty price could come in the form of return prospects.

The Sox like the Yankees farm, and it will be very interesting to see if the Yankees meet the high asking price of the White sox, and if so, how much will they give up?

Yankees Expected to go All-Out for Otani

The Nippon sensation is being called the next Babe Ruth.

His name is Shohei Otani.

Last season, in just 100 games, he hit 22 homers, had 67 RBIs and a .322 average.

Oh yeah he also pitches.. incredibly. 21686870-standard

He went 10-4 with a 1.86 ERA in just 20 starts.

He’s just 22.

He really wants to play in the majors. His manager stated that he could be posted as soon as the end of the 2017 season.

Babe Ruth played for the Yankees and its very likely that his successor could as well.

Yankees Extend offers to Jansen and Chapman

Well thats exciting, huh?

When I heard about it, I was excited too. It’s just good to know that the Yankees are willing to spend SOME money this offseason. I mean, look, The Yankees haven’t spent a dime the past two offseasons, so now this shows the Yankees are willing to accelerate. 01CHAPMANweb-master675

I’m willing to bet my bottom dollar that the Yankees won’t give Chapman exactly what he wants. 6 years and $100 million was floating around. Looking at the big picture, that may be money that is not inevitable.

Looking at Jansen, I can see the Yankees offering him something along the lines of the Melancon signing ($15.5 M Annually)

Prediction: Chapman Signs with Yankees for $82 Million over 5 Years

Yankees Land Holiday

There have been multiple reports that indicate that the Yankees have landed free-agent Dh/OF Matt Holiday.

The deal is reportedly worth $13 Million, and is for one year.unknown

Holiday missed 7 weeks last season, but still managed to slug 20 homers along with 62 RBIs.

He will likely bat 4th behind Gary Sanchez and In front of Starlin Castro who will be in the 5 hole.

Yankees in Top 3 Finalists for Encarnacion

Throughout the past 6 days, I have been hearing multiple reports that The Yankees are finalists for Encarnacion.

What started out as an 8-team pursuit in now reportedly a 3 team race. Encar

Some officials are saying its more like a 2 team race.

The frontrunners appear to be the Astros, and the next closest appear to be the Yankees. The Yankees only dilemma appears to be the term of the contract. The Yankees freed up enough salary with the McCann trade to be able to sign Encarnacion.

Cashman: CBAs Have “crippled” us in The Past

As much as the Yankees would love to sign some of the big time free agents this winter, it appears as if they are going to take a cautious approach.

Cashman stated:

The previous CBAs have really hindered us, so I think the next one is something we’re clearly going to be interested in on how it will impact us over the entire course of the term of the contract,” Cashman says. “In the short term, I don’t think it will affect how we do business in 2017. The last few have impacted us exactly as they were expected to and why it was done the way it was. Lot of teams benefited significantly.”

Cashman also added that he is very excited about Gleyber Torres, who has now moved up to the Yankees #1 prospect. He batted .403 in the Arizona Fall League.

Champan’s Comments hint at Reunion

At this point, none of us know where any of the top free agents are going. If we’re being 01CHAPMANweb-master675honest, I thought a few would already be signed by now. There are literally 10 teams in the mix for the top 3 closers and their asking prices are not getting low any time soon.

The Yankees have made it clear that they would love to re-sign Aroldis Chapman, who they traded at the deadline in return for Gleyber Torres, who recently won the AFL MVP.

Chapman released the following statement:

“I would love to be a Yankee again. This is a business, and the Yankees know that. They took a chance on me, and I will always be grateful. The organization treated me first class. And the fans were like no other.”

Yankees fans love the sound of that.

Yankees Eyeing Beltran

After the Yankees departed with Beltran at the trade deadline, many thought he would never see himself in pinstripes again.

This may not be the case anymore.carlos-beltran

Multiple reports suggest the Yankees are pursuing free agent outfielder Carlos Beltran.

Beltrán slugged 29 homers, along with 93 RBIs and a hefty .293 batting average. He appears to be pursuing a shorter deal as opposed to other free-agents such as Edwin Encarnacion and Yoenis Cespedes.

He likely will be demanding a smaller salary, which is attractive to the Yankees.

Although other teams are in contention for Beltrán, it appears that Beltrán in pinstripes may be a reality again.