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Where does the Yankees infield go from here?

Shortly after Robinson Cano signed a 10 year-$240 million dollar deal with the Mariners, the Yankees answered quickly, signing all-star outfielder, Carlos Beltran. In just a few weeks, the Yankees have signed 3 of the top 6 free agents, and I don’t think they’re done just yet.

With the Alex Rodriguez suspension mystery, Jeter’s injury plagued season, Cano’s departure, and Texiera’s absence on the field in 2013, the Yankees infield seems to be a major question mark.

ArodI think as much as New York fans would like to see A-Rod playing again, the suspension would free up some major spending money, that the Yankees could use to fill in other gaps that are more necessary.

Jeter’s highly anticipated encore after leading the MLB in hits was quickly shot down due to an ankle injury that didn’t heal correctly and limited Jeter’s playing time to just 17 games in 2013.

The best player on the Yankees, and who some thought to be a Yankees franchise player, who would someday join the Yankee greats

such as Mariano Rivera, Derek Jeter and Yogi Berra, signed a 10 year deal with the Seattle Mariners. The absence of Robinson Cano is the biggest hole to fill at 2nd base.


Mark Texiera missed the whole 2013 season, due to an offseason injury in the World Baseball Classic. Texiera says he is ready to come back healthy, but his numbers have been decreasing rapidly over the course of the past few seasons.



So, the big question is: “Watcha gonna do, Brian Cashman?”

The first thing the Yankees need to, is wait out to see if Alex Rodriguez’s suspension holds up, because that will leave the Yankees with even more money to work with, following the Cano signing.

After the Yankees see the outcome, they will need to do one of two things.

Phillips had over 100 RBS in the 2013 season
Phillips had over 100 RBS in the 2013 season

1. Sign Omar Infante to a 2-3 year deal

2. Trade for Brandon Phillips

No matter who you get, no one will be able to replicate what Robinson Cano gives you, but you can significantly improve, by signing or trading for one of these two.


Derek Jeter’s age and Health may be a concern, on the defensive side of things, which is why it would be best if the Yankees went out and got a good defensive shortstop who can swing the bat as well. That way Jeter could DH and still get to swing the bat. The best option on the market is clearly Stephen Drew.

I can’t say, at this point, what the Yankees are going to do at third base. If A-Rod can somehow get out of the suspension, then he will have to be the Yankees everyday third baseman, switching off with someone like Eduardo Nuñez at third, and Letting A-Rod DH. If A-Rod does, indeed, get suspended, I say The Yankees go out and trade Brett Gardner for Chase Headley from the Padres.

Last but not least, Mark Texiera is to young to be a part-time first baseman, even though he did not play a single game in all of 2013. We just have to trust that he comes back healthy, and if he doesn’t, go out and re-sign Mark Reynolds as a solid backup option.

There is a way The Yankees can achieve all this, without going over the luxury tax, but in the position The Yankees are in now, it seems that they are going to have to go over the luxury tax to fill all the necessary needs, throughout the organization.