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30 Clubs in 30 Days: The Houston Astros

The Astros have been widely known as the worst team in baseball for years on end. They1420120608070248001_t607 have been going downhill for years. Loosing players like Michael Bourn, Hunter Pence, and Wandy Rodriguez, they have been rebuilding for years now. They also finished last in the majors in wins. They have started a rebuilding process, and even though it may seem they are not in the best position now, I can guarantee you that, with their farm system, they will be a winning team in the near future

The Astros Offseason

7325960The Astros have improved their bullpen by adding Jesse Crain, Chad Qualls and Matt Albers. They also added a solid starter in Scott Feldman. But, perhaps the most impressive addition is that of Dexter Fowler. They lost Brandon Barnes in the trade that allowed them to acquire Fowler.

What The Astros Should do

The Astros can’t get caught up in moves that will try to get them talent too early, as it will be pointless and likely expensive. for now, they need to just sign prospects long term, and drafting their prospects smart, as they will have a high pick in the draft that can be extremely valuable.


6569960OF Robbie Grossman
2B Jose Altuve
OF Dexter Fowler
C Jason Castro
DH Chris Carter
1B Brett Wallace
OF L.J. Hoes
3B Matt Dominguez
SS Jonathan Villar




7672214Scott Feldman
Jarred Cosart
Brett Oberholtzer
Brad Peacock
Lucas Harrell

Alex White
Chad Qualls
Matt Albers
Jesse Crain

30 Clubs in 30 Days: The Minnesota Twins

The Twins lack of starting pitching has put them in a  3-year drought. They have constantlyByronBuxtonTwins either traded away or lost their players to other teams, where they become elite. They can not let this happen to top prospect, Byron Buxton. He has the makings of potentially a perennial 40/40 player with excellent defense. There are also many other promising prospects in their organization, which should lead to a good near future.

The Twins Offseason

lat-ricky-wre0012845892-20130906The Twins had two major signings. Those of SP and their ace, Ricky Nolasco, and also SP Phil Hughes. They also signed catcher Kurt Suzuki, to replace Ryan Doumit, as he was signed elsewhere. They have their name swirling around just about every major free agent starting pitcher, as well as international starter, suk min goon. They also have rumors swirling around 3B Mark Reynolds.

What The Twins Should Do

The Twins starting pitching is atrocious. Even with their recent signings, they still have a

Garza's first club was the Twins
Garza’s first team was the Twins

below average starting rotation. Nolasco is a good 3-starter, but having him as your ace may not be all that good. They should try to have a reunion with SP Matt Garza. Then, sign Suk Min Yoon, as a #2. They should be all right from there. Then, I say they also need to sign Mark Reynolds, as he would give then the power they could use.



Lineups(potential acquisitions in bold)

48664-hi-Joe_with_HSOF Presley
2B Dozer
1B Mauer
OF Willingham
3B Reynolds
OF Arcia
DH Kubel
C Suzuki
SS Florimon




Min Yoon


30 Clubs in 30 Days: The Kansas City Royals

The Kansas City Royals had a major step up from their previous season. They traded topsheilds prospect, Wil Myers to the Rays for their elite starting pitcher, James Shields. Myers went on to win the Rookie of the Year award, and Shields had a pretty good year, as well. Now, lets take a look at the Royals offseason.

The Royals Offseason

The Royals had a great year from their starting pitchers. One of the best is from Ervin Santana. He is a free agent this offseason. Norichika+Aoki+Milwaukee+Brewers+v+Houston+dz4ntgSsw_-lHe will likely make upwards of $14 million dollars, which would make him out of the price range of The Royals. They also had a hole at 2nd base, which was filled in greatly by free agent 2nd baseman, Omar Infante. They also signed SP Jason Vargas, to add some depth to their rotation, as well as maybe their biggest addition, Norichika Aoki. He will provide speed and be on base a ton for the Royals.

What The Royals Should Do

The Royal’s lineup appears to be pretty stacked. Their bullpen is among the best in the MLB, but their starting rotation is not very good. They have two solid arms to start off with, but after that, there is not much. I would say defiantly signing someone who will give a lot of innings, such as AJ Burnett, or even Tanaka.

Lineups(Potential acquisitions in Bold)

Billy-ButlerOF Aoki
2B Infante
OF Gordon
DH Butler
1B Hosmer
C Perez
3B Moustakas
OF Cain
SS Escobar



Starting Pitching




30 Clubs in 30 Days: The Detroit Tigers

If you look at the dominant teams in the American League, the Detroit Tigers have to be in357ae800c35fa006b465f7a7cb478f5e the top few. The Tigers have made it to the ALCS 3 years in a row. The Tigers have an elite lineup, as well as starting rotation. But, with some of the moves they’ve made this offseason, they could be looking at potential trouble.

The Tigers Offseason

The Tigers biggest move, so far was trading their star 1st baseman and cleanup hitter, Prince Fielder to The Rangers for 2B Ian Kinsler. Kinsler has some pretty good attributes, kinsler_fielder_getty_composite.rbut Fielder beats him in just about every offensive one, besides speed. The Tigers also traded their starter, Doug Fister, to The Nationals. He was coming off a good year, so they are missing a major part of their rotation. They also had to part ways with their 2nd baseman, Omar Infante. He hit .318 and was a major threat in their order. They also had to see relief arms such as Jose Veras and Joaquin Benoit go, as well as their shortstop Jhonny Peralta. They did sign closer Joe Nathan, though, and did add speedy outfielder, Rajai Davis.

What The Tigers Should Do

Nathan-2Missing Omar Infante, they acquired Ian Kinsler to fill in the hole at 2nd base. They also Signed Joe Nathin to fill in the holes in their bullpen that have been missing. Shortstop Jose Inglesias will fill in the hole at shortstop. As for Prince Fielders absence. They should move Miguel Cabrera back to 1st base, and let Nick Castellanos play third. They should go after some bullpen help, but other than that, they seem to be just fine. For Now.



Lineups (Potential Acquisitions in Bold)

mlb_g_cabrera1_sy_4002B Ian Kinsler
OF Austin Jackson
1B Miguel Cabrera
OF Torii Hunter
DH Victor Martinez
OF Andy Dirks
C Alex Avila
3B Nick Castellanos
SS Jose Inglesias



Starting Pitching

aaaJustin Verlander
Max Scherzer
Anibal Sanchez
Rick Porcello
Drew Smyly


Joba Chamberlain
Al Alburquerque
Bruce Rondon
Ian Krol
Joe Nathan

30 Clubs in 30 Days: The Cleveland Indians

Indian's new manager, Terry Francona
Indian’s new manager, Terry Francona

The Cleveland Indians had a great year, last year. Hiring a new manager and signing two of the top outfielders in Michael Bourn and Nick Swisher. The Indians have already lost starting pitcher, Scott Kazmir, and are most likely going to have to part ways with Ubaldo Jimenez. They have an excellent starting lineup, but their pitching is very weak behind their ace, Justin Masterson. Now, lets take a look at The Indian’s offseason.

The Indians Offseason

The Indians have had a quiet offseason, after loosing Scott Kazmir and potentiallyScott-Kazmir Jeminez. David Murphy was a decent addition, along with relief pitcher, John Axford. They also added the arm of Shawn Marcum, as a nice arm for the back of their rotation. I think they could use another 3B to replace Lonnie Chisenhall. He is weak and I think there could be a cheap 30 home runs added by adding Free Agent Mark Reynolds.

Indians Lineups (Potential acquisitions in Bold)

KippyOF Michael Bourn
1B Nick Swisher
2B Jason Kipnis
DH Carlos Santana
OF Michael Brantley
3B Mark Reynolds
SS Asdrubel Cabrera
OF David Murphy
C Yan Gomes



Starting Rotation

justin-mastersonJustin Masterson
Zach McAllister
Cory Kluber
Danny Salazar
Shaun Marcum


Josh Outman
Mark Rzepczynski
Cody Allen
Bryan Shaw
John Axford

30 Clubs in 30 Days: The Chicago White Sox

The Chicago White Sox have had a tough few seasons.They have had their share of decentnateseasons, but their attendance has significantly dropped every year since 2006. They had a bad year last year, in which they could only win a mere 63 games, and a winning pct of .368. When you logically put all the stats together, the White Sox are the 3rd worst team in the MLB. They do have a good farm, and some good catching prospects coming up, which is why I think they can still compete, while having a good range of prospects coming up.

The White Sox Offseason

BASEBALL-WORLD-TPE-CUBThis offseason, The Sox acquired Adam Eaton, which was a good move for them. The also re-signed Paul Konerko, but the best of their signings was the international one of 1B Jose Abreu. The White Sox invested $68 million dollars into him, and are expecting a whole lot in return. He is expected to be a middle-of-the-order threat, and a franchise player, for years to come.

What the Sox should do this offseason is mostly already done, with what they have. I could see them signing a low-risk starting pitcher for a year or two to strengthen the back end of their rotation behind SP Chris Sale. They could also use a better catcher.

Lineups (Potential signings in bold)

Adam EatonOf Adam Eaton
Of Alejandro De Aza
1B Jose Abreu
DH Adam Dunn
OF Avasial Garcia
2B Gordan Beckham
SS Alexi Ramerez
3B Conor Gillapie
C John Buck


Chris Sale
John Danks
Jose Quantana
Felipe Paulino
Paul Maholm


Nate+Jones+Chicago+White+Sox+Photo+Day+7ysdA2ZWUuOlDonnie Veal
Scott Downs
Scott Thornton
Nate Jones

30 Clubs in 30 Days: Toronto Blue Jays

It’s no doubt that the 2012-2013 offseason for The Blue Jays last year was one for the ages.Jays They landed SS Jose Reyes, SP Mark Buehrle, SP Josh Johnson, CF Emilio Bonafacio, C John Buck. They also acquired SP R.A. Dickey from the Mets, coming off his Cy Young award winning season. Not to mention they also added star outfielder, Melky Cabrera. At the beginning of the year, they looked absolutely stacked. But, they ended up finishing last in the AL east, with a loosing record. But why?

dickeyThe Blue Jays lost Jose Reyes early to injury, Josh Johnson and Mark Buehrle both had bad years, but perhaps the biggest disappointment is in their so called “Ace” R.A. Dickey. He was expected to have another Cy Young type season. Instead, he finished with almost a .500 record. However, I do think that The Jays have the potential to finish in the top 3 in the AL east, this year.





If I was the general manager of The Blue Jays, there would be two major moves I would make. UbaldoErvinAnd they would both be the same position, which is starting pitcher. The Blue Jays have not only lost Josh Johnson, but have a weak rotation after Dickey and Morrow. Buehrle is not a solid option because you don’t know what you are going to get. Behind those 3, they need to sign two starting pitchers. If they can land 2 top-of-the-rotation starters, they will likely have a contending team. Ervin Santana and Ubaldo Jeminez seem like great candidates.


Toronto Blue Jays Encarnacion at bat in the eighth inning after called strike in the eighth inning of their American League MLB baseball game against the Cleveland Indians in TorontoSS Jose Reyes
OF Melky Cabrera
Of Jose Bautista
1B Edwin Encarnacion
Dh Adam Lind
3B Brett Lawrie
C Dioner Navarro
OF Colby Rasmus
2B Macier Izturus




R.A. Dickey
Brandon Morrow
Ervin Santana
Ubaldo Jimenez
Mark Buehrle


a-casey-janssenSteve Delabar
Aaron Loup
Sergio Santos
Casey Janssen

30 Clubs in 30 Days: Tampa Bay Rays

It is no doubt that what The Rays do with the amount of payroll they have is astonishing.DavidPriceCubsPSE The Rays have actually lead the MLB in total wins, the past 3 years. The Rays perhaps most interesting story is that of Starting Pitcher, David Price. He is on the radar of multiple teams as a trade target. What The Rays are requesting in return for Price is a whole lot. Price is yet to be traded, but seeing that he’s going into his free agent year, it appears he’s going to be traded either this offseason, or at the trade deadline.

The Rays Offseason

bba_rays223-23-252x300This offseason, the Rays looked to be in need of a free agent first baseman and catcher. It seemed as if their free agent first baseman James Loney would have too high of an asking price, coming off a season where he almost hit .300. The Rays, though, did sign him, along with trading for Catcher Ryan Hanigan from the Reds, and RP Heath Bell from the D-Backs. It looks as if The Rays are set for opening day, their only problem could be their free agent closer, Fernando Rodney. Rodney has been great for the Rays, over the past few seasons, but it seems unlikely that The Rays re-sign him. I can see The Rays trading for Heath Bell to use him as a potential closer, or maybe exploring the trade market for open arms. Or, maybe even using rookie Alex Torres to fill in the closer role, as he had a fantastic year in 2013.

Lineups (Potential acquisitions in bold)

MLB: Spring Training-New York Yankees at Tampa Bay RaysCF Desmond Jennings
3B Evan Longoria
1B James Loney
2B Ben Zobrist
RF Wil Myers
SS Yunel Escobar
LF David Dejesus
C Ryan Hanigan
DH Sean Rodriguez



RP Heath Bell

Starting Pitching

Matt More
Alex Cobb
Jeremy Hellickson
Chris Archer
Jake Odorizzi


Alex Torres
Jake McGee
Joel Peralta
Heath Bell

30 Clubs in 30 Days: New York Yankees

In a season plagued by injury, the Yankees somehow found a way to win 85 games, whichjeter-hurt was tied with The Orioles for 3rd in the AL east. Joe Girardi did a fantastic job managing a club missing Mark Texiera, Derek Jeter, David Phelps, Kevin Youkilis, Curtis Granderson, and Alex Rodriguez for 95% of the season. The Yankees will be missing the best closing pitcher of all time, Mariano Rivera to retirement. Obviously with age not on the Yankees side, there is major room for improvement to be done this offseason.

The Yankees Offseason

2013 New York Yankees Photo DayThis offseason has been extremely interesting to say the least. The Yankees, who were the sure pick to sign 2B Robinson Cano lost him to the Seattle Mariners. The Yankees also lost key outfielder, Curtis Granderson to The Mets. Brian Cashman responded quickly though, signing outfielders Carlos Beltran to a 3 year deal, and Jacoby Ellsbury to a 7 year deal, and C Brian McCann to a 5 year deal. The Yankees Gaps mainly lie in their infield and pitching. The Yankees signed 2B Brian Roberts as a mediocre fill-in for Cano at 2nd. A-Rod is still a question mark, and we don’t know how well Jeter will produce, coming off a season-ending ankle injury. But, the biggest concern, right now is The Yankees pitching. They have Sabathia, Kuroda, and Nova in their starting rotation, which is pretty good, but the other two, are still a mystery. Mariano Rivera’s absence is a concern, as well. I think The Yankees can fix every problem before opening day. And, here’s how.

The Yankees need to address their starting pitching first, and foremost. Signing TanakaMasahiroTanaka from Japan is EXTREMELY important. The Yankees need a solid arm behind Sabathia and Tanaka would be a perfect Lefty-Righty combo. To fill in the final arm, the Yankees must sign either Ubaldo Jiménez or Ervin Santana. Their asking prices are high, but they might be worth it, in the long run. The Yankees should also sign CP Grant Balfour to a two year deal. It is safer than putting David Robertson in the closing role. Re-signing someone like Mark Reynolds is crucial, as well, in case Alex Rodriguez’s suspension is kept.


Potential Aqusitions are in Bold 

Ellsbury led the MLB with 52 Stolen Bases
Ellsbury led the MLB with 52 Stolen Bases

CF Jacoby Ellsbury
SS Derek Jeter
RF Carlos Beltran
1B Mark Teixeira
C Brian McCann
DH Alfonso Soriano
3B Alex Rodriguez/Mark Reynolds
2B Kelly Johnson/Brian Roberts
LF Brett Gardner





Starting Rotation

CC Sabathia
Masahiro Tanaka
Hiroki Kuroda
Ubaldo Jiménez
Ivan Nova

BullpenMLB: Texas Rangers at Oakland Athletics

Preston Claiborne
Shawn Kelly
David Robertson
Grant Balfour