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Derek Jeter, More Than a Legend


Me Talking to My Mentor

Lets just start by saying that Derek Jeter is more than a baseball player. He is more than an icon. He is more than a legend. In fact, I think that the only way to describe Derek Jeter is  Derek Jeter.

When I was around the age of six, my family had the great honor of meeting the one and only Derek Jeter. When looking at the caliber of a player he is, it blows my mind that someone like him can take so much time with everyone he meets. Members of the Yankee organization have told my dad that Derek is just as nice to Mike Trout, as he is to a stadium vendor. He makes sure that he leaves an impression on everyone one he meets.

Joe Torre and I

When he was coming up to the big leagues, he had so much respect for his manager, Joe Torre, he would only call him Mr. Torre as opposed to all of the other team members who called him “Joe.”

Just the little things like this is what set him apart from the rest. The other night, Bob Costas noted that Derek Jeter has, “No ink on his body, and is a classy ballplayer.”

Derek With My Family

If you have ever watched Derek in an interview, he is an incredibly gifted speaker, as he gives the audience what they want to hear, without putting anyone down or sounding cocky. He always has a perfect answer for almost any question asked of him.  In his latest Gatorade commercial, Derek went into a sports bar and the manager said, “We’ve been waiting for you to come in here since 1999.” Derek quickly replied, “You never invited me.” It is things like this that make Jeter like no one else.  The New York media can eat players up, which is why some players have New York on their list of teams they don’t want to go to. But, miraculously, after every interview for over 20 years, Derek never has said anything disrespectful or offensive to anyone.

In my opinion, there will always be the greats such as Mike Trout and Miguel Cabrera, there will always be hall of famers such as Wade Boggs and Mickey Mantle, there will always be legends such as Ted Williams and Babe Ruth, but there will never be another Derek Jeter.




2014-15 Free Agent Profile: Victor Martinez

It is no secret that players such as Adrian Beltré, David Ortiz and Victor Martinez seem to get better with age. Not only has Victor had his best IMG_0197.JPG

season, but he had a season making him a worthy recipient of the AL MVP award. His batting average is off the charts, as he is batting over .330 with less than a week of the season to go. But a high average does not mean that he is having a power drought, as he is also among the league leaders in home runs with 30. His ability to drive in runs is what really sets him apart. He is constantly getting big 2-out hits that put his team in the lead. He is already over the 100 RBI mark and the season still has another week.

When I look at possible teams to sign him, the teams that stand out are the Yankees (of course), the White Sox, and his team, the Detroit Tigers.
Entering his age 36 season, it would seem he would be looking for a short term contract that would take him into his 40s. He would be seeking 27+ million dollars per year, if he was a premium position player that played a position such as shortstop or catcher, but since he is a DH and can not play the field, I predict he signs a deal making 22-25 million dollars per year.

Prediction : Signs 5 Year $110 million dollar deal with the New York Yankees 

MLB: Payroll Fable

IMG_0201.JPGSay you are one in a family of 3 brothers. Your mother tells you that she wants to have each child make her a smoothie, and whoever makes the best smoothie wins. She hands your oldest brother $20, she hands your younger brother $10 and she hands you $5. You are left thinking, how is this fair? Why do my brothers get more money than me, and more importantly, how am I supposed to compete?

Your oldest brother and his $20 goes to the store and buys $20 worth of premium fruits andIMG_0200.JPG vegetables, and comes home and makes the smoothie. Your younger brother searches the fruits in the discount aisle and investigates for what he can get for thebest value, but that also tastes good. And lastly, you are left with your $5, not knowing how you are going to get the ingredients to compete. But, what you don’t know yet is that you will have the best smoothie of all. Instead of going to a grocery store, you go to the Home Depot. You spend your money on seeds and soil. You plant the seeds and wait until they have the best fruit available, and pick them when they are just right. You take the excess fruit that you grew, and trade it too your younger brother for his fruit that is good, but did not cost too much. You just outsmarted both of your brothers, have the best tasting smoothie, and spent less than half of what they spent.

IMG_0202.JPGThis fable represents the small,medium, and large market teams in baseball. The teams like The Yankees and The Red Sox represent the $20, teams like the Indians and Orioles represent the medium-market teams that would have the $10, and teams like The Oakland Athletics, represent the small-market teams, with a low payroll, but because of smart moves, they are able to come out on top. I wrote this fable to show that just because your team has money does not mean it is automatically good, and just because your team has a low payroll, does not make it automatically  bad.