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Could Stephen Drew signing mean trade for Starting Pitcher?

Because of recent events, it may appear that SS Didi Gregorius may never have an at bat in pinstripes. And here’s why.

Brian Cashman will do whatever it takes to win. And if that means moving players IMG_0623.JPGaround to get the right deal done, he will certainly do it. On Tuesday night, the Yankees signed SS/2B Stephen Drew to a 1- Year, $5M deal. This deal would not seem to make much sense, due to that fact that the Yankees have recently acquired SS Didi Gregorius and SS Brendan Ryan at short. The Yankees would have 2B Rob Refsnyder and Jose Pirela at 2nd.

So why would the Yankees sign overpay another 2B/SS? Here’s why.

The Yankees do not plan to keep Gregorius. The Yankees are in desperate need of a starting pitcher. The Yankees have already traded Shane Greene and David Phelps. Arguably the Yankees most consistent pitcher, Hiroki Kuroda, left the Yankes to go to Japan. Now, the Yankees have only 4 starting pitchers that could be ready for opening day. Masehairo Tanaka, Michael Pineda, CC Sabathia, and recently acquired Nathan Eovoldi. The Yankees need a starting pitcher, and they have the pieces to trade for an ace. The most realistic option as of now is LHP Cole IMG_0622.JPGHamels.

Yes. You heard me. Cole Hamels.

How? The Yankees are known for having a weak farm team and couldn’t trade for a front-line starter like him.

Not anymore.

The Yankees are no longer a team that just shells out money due to a poor farm. Brian Cashman is taking a much better approach, which is ultimately more cost effective, but also more effective in general.

In the small moves that Cashman has made this offseason, they can afford to lose prospects. One of them being Didi Gregorius.

The Phillies need a shortstop. The Phillies need youth. The Phillies don’t want to pay Cole Hamels.

The Yankes have a shortstop. The Yankees have youth to give away. The Yankees can pay Cole Hamels.

So there you have it. Along with some mid-level prospects, the Yankees can and should trade SS Didi Gregorius to the Phillies in return for LHP Cole Hamels.