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Josh Hamilton admits to Drug use…Again

We recently found out that Angels’ outfielder, Josh Hamilton, has admitted to taking Josh_Hamilton_Beyond_Beliefdrugs. We don’t exactly know if this is a performance-enhancing drug, such as biogenesis, or if it is an addictive, illegal drug, such as marijuana or cocaine.

What we do know is that it would make more sense if it were an illegal drug. Josh Hamilton has previously admitted to taking drugs, but since that was before his career started, it would be the first time as a major leaguer. Meaning that the penalty would be a small one (15-25 games).

Josh-Hamilton-ESPN-CoverNonetheless, Josh Hamilton is a devout Christian, which is why he was humble enough to admit to using these drugs. He was previously addicted to drugs and alcohol, and I guess he is just going through a rough patch in his life. He had a tough 2014 with the Angels and is being ridiculed by the Los Angelis area for being overpaid. He is going to likely have a tough time over the next few months. He will also likely be made to attend AA or other such meetings to help with his problems.

Lets not forget that if A-Rod can be forgiven for what he has done, a humble man such as Hamilton can surely be given a second chance.

Puig for Stanton…what?

People online have been recently discussing if it were to be realistic in any way for there to be a 1 for 1 trade. Puig for Stanton.6a0120a59d06ce970b019b0106e151970b-pi

Yes. I mean Yasiel Puig.

And Yes. I mean Giancarlo Stanton.

And here is why it might not be so crazy…

Many fans overlook the logistics to players. They disregard how much is invested into each player. Many just look at the value of the player based on stats and how they may look out on the field.

1370556074000-puig-1306070208_3_4It may seem crazy to you because this deal just seems too lop-sided, but when we break it down, it’s really not.

First off, I think what the Marlins did with Stanton was not exactly…logical. They are a small market team, and they will be paying Stanton so much, to a point that it is an enormous chunk out of their payroll. Don’t get me wrong, I love Giancarlo Stanton and I think that he is a great player, but I don’t think that the Marlins invested wisely. When Stanton is 37 years old, he will be making $30 Million dollars and more. The extension he signed is definitely showing that the Marlins are portraying a more “win now, pay later” approach.

The Dodgers happen to have deep pockets. Pockets so deep, that there may not even be a bottom. Meaning that if they were to somehow persuade the Marlins into taking a large sum of his contract, they may be able to strike an offer. After all, Puig is a very cheap
alternative to Stanton.

Puig is not better Stanton. The only reason this deal could happen is by one team 1381806173000-2013-10-14-puig2absorbing Stantons contract. But, there are several advantages to Puig, beides his cheap price tag. One of them being that he can certainly run better than Stanton and play defense better, as well.

So all-in-all, this deal is just speculation and would only likely happen in 2-3 years, when Stanton shows that he is starting to decline. But hey, in the baseball world that we are living in today, anything could happen.

Trades that could still happen before opening day

Papelbon to Brewers

We now know that the Brew-crew are going to be iffy about signing K-Rod back, after hisJonathan_Papelbon-1 asking price was announced to be very high. It would not be surprising to see the the Brewers make a serious push for Papelbon this spring. I think the money is what is causing this deal to come to a roadblock. If the Phillies are able to eat up enough of Rodriguez’s salary, the Brewers will most likely strike a deal

Navarro to D-Backs

Now this deal just flat-out makes sense. Not only have the Blue Jays just obtained a Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Toronto Blue Jaysstarting catcher in Russell Martin, but the D-Backs have also traded away their starting catcher, Miguel Montero to the Cubs. This deal would not surprise me at all. In fact, I am actually expecting to see this deal happen before the 2015 season has started.


Jackie Bradley Jr. to Braves

Lets Be honest, B.J. Upton is about the biggest waste of money that I have ever seen. He dt-common-streams-streamserver-clsnot only is costing his club $15M+ every season, but he has a negative WAR, which is basically saying that he is loosing them games. The Braves have already traded away Justin Upton as well as Jason Hayward and Evan Gattis, meaning that they can definitely use some outfield help. Bradley Jr. could be the perfect fit. Now lets look at the Red Sox side of things. They have a plethora or outfielders and would feel comfortable shipping a few away in order to obtain young arms. Do not be surprised to see this trade happen. Possibly for a few Mid-level prospects.

Hamels to Red Sox

Can this deal just happen already? It is frustrating to see all of the online rumors cole-hamels-4suggesting possible deals and not any actual progression happening towards a deal. Hamels wants to play for a contender and the Red Sox can definitely suit his request. The Phillies are looking at another losing season, so it is just a waste to have Hamels sitting around. They should be able to get some great prospects for him, possibly including Mookie Betts. I expect this deal to be done at least before the 2015 trade deadline.


Why the Moncada acquisition means Hamels is next…

So we all were a little shocked to see that The Sox were the ones to come out on top in theMoncada ACM_2929 7 x 5.jpg Moncada signing. Many expected the Yankees and Padres to make a more serious push, but the Red Sox acquired him, nonetheless.

We have also learned this week that Cole Hamels is well-aware that any given day could be his last in a Phillies uniform.

And the Red Sox are the favorites to land him.

bos_a_betts2x_1296x729It is clear that the Red Sox are serious about making a strong push in 2015. It is also clear that they need an ace. The only reason a deal has not been struck between the two sides is because the major question has been about what the Red Sox would be willing to give up to acquire Hamels.

The major piece will most likely be outfield prospect, Mookie Betts.

Betts looked like the future of a crowded Boston outfield, consisting of Shane Victorino, Rusney Castillo, and Hanley Ramirez.

That is one of the main reasons that the Moncada acquisition can lead to the Hamels cole-hamels-3acquisition is that the Red sox now have enough insurance in the outfield that they would not need Betts. Even when Victorino is too old to play, there is a great chance that Moncada could transition from an infielder to an outfielder and play outfield for the Red sox in the future.

As for now, only time will tell when and where Cole Hamels will end up.

Sox Sign Moncada and The Moncada Mystery…

Early Monday morning, reports came out that the Red Sox had reached an agreement withyoan-moncada-olivera-equipo-cuba-sub-18 international free-agent, Yoan Moncada. The deal was for $30M, but since the Red Sox had exceeded their international spending limits, they will pay a luxury tax of $30M, making the overall deal worth around $60M.

Many were surprised as to why the Yankees did not come out on top. The Yankees were reportedly willing to go up to $27M but no more than that. The Dodgers were willing to go up to $35M, but they do not get the luxury to spend on international free agents until July 2nd.

4beed_bos_ben_cherington_sot_long_1025The front-runners were said to be the Brewers, Dodgers, Yankees, and Red Sox.

This adds to the interesting offseason from the Sox, after signing 3B Pablo Sandavol and SS Hanley Ramirez.

Don’t be surprised if you don’t even get to see Moncada in the majors for another year. Unlike other recently acquired international free agents, Mancada is very young, and will likely spend 1-2 years in the minors before seeing any MLB playing time.

Players to watch in 2015 and what to expect from them

2014 was definitely an interesting year, and we got to see some real star-power from rookie pitchers such as Masahiro Tanaka and Jacob deGrom.

But can we see a sophomore slump from either of them? Or will they get better?

I have narrowed it down to the top three players to watch in 2015 and interestingly, I do not believe that A-Rod is one of them. Also, they are interestingly all pitchers. What I am looking for, is players that are expected to come back and make a huge impact, which is why players like A-Rod are not on the list, because hey, can we really expect anything more than a mediocre season from A-Rod?

Jose Fernandez, SP, Marlins

Ok lets just remember that Jose Fernandez pitched for the Marlins as of 2 years ago, fernandez_jose_g_mp_576meaning that they are not nearly as good as the Marlins we saw in 2014. So, even with the poor offense, he still managed to win 12 games. What that means is that he had an extremely low ERA of just 2.19. He also had a WHIP under 1.00. I think that that was possibly one of the greatest rookie seasons for a pitcher ever. But, there is a downside. He missed all of last season. Why this is a downside is because we don’t know if he is a fluke or if he can prove to be an ace once-again in 2015.

Prediction: 13-8 2.50 ERA 218 SO

Masahiro Tanaka, SP, Yankees

People criticized the Yankees last offseason for signing Tanaka to such a big deal. People thought that pitching in Japan wasn’t enough to prove himself. Tanaka proved all of thosemasahiro-tanaka people wrong, by pitching to a 13-5 record with a 2.77 ERA in just HALF A SEASON. He managed to win 13 games in just half a season. We could easily expect him to win 20 games in a full season. But, like Fernandez, there is a downside. A more serious downside. Tanaka left with a tear in his UCL, which usually means Tommy John surgery, but he opted to not go for the surgery which could have been a mistake. Tanaka announced today that his elbow has “healed” but only time will tell if that is a true statement.

Prediction: 18-8 3.10 ERA 227 SO

Matt Harvey, SP, Mets

Matt Harvey had an excellent 2013, pitching to a 2.27 ERA, going 9-5 and striking out over matt-harvey170 batters. He even finished 4th in NL Cy Young voting. His season was excellent, but like our other two candidates, he had arm problems and missed the entire 2014 season. We don’t know exactly what to expect from Harvey, but one thing is for sure. He will be playing with a  different team than the team he once pitched for, meaning that the 2015 Mets will definitely be better than the 2013 Mets he was used to, meaning that he can expect more run support.

Prediction: 14-5  2.98 ERA 188 SO

There is a new face of The MLB

We all love Mike Trout. He is a 4-tool player, who has everything but arm strength. He has been widely known as the face of the MLB, but due to recent events, I believe he is not thegiancarlo-stanton-si2 face of the MLB anymore. That honor belongs to Giancarlo Stanton.

Mike Trout kind of came out of nowhere and took the face of the MLB honors away from Miguel Cabrera a few years ago. Mike Trout has had a steady decline in his stats though (despite winning the AL MVP in his worst year, 2014). He has not only seen an extreme dip in his ability to steal bases, but he also has also had a major increase in strikeouts.

6a00d83451b26169e20168eb498891970cHe still has good defense, but does not exactly have the personality to keep the honors. But Giancarlo does. Giancarlo may be one of the best power hitters of all time, when it is all said and done. Not only that, but he is playing for a low-market team, which really brings out his talent compared to the rest of his team. He has the ability to hit for average and some people are starting to say that he is the best player of our generation. We know mlb_g_stanton01jr_200that his team, the Marlins, certainly agreed, signing him to the biggest contract of all-time this offseason.

So say what you want, but when you compare the two players, it is clear that Mike Trout is no longer the face of the MLB, as Stanton has not only proven himself, but can get nothing but better from here on out.


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Where and When will Yoan Moncada Sign?

Executives have said that if Moncada were to be entered into the 2015 draft, he would be Grandes_Ligas_PREIMA20141112_0229_32.0.0the first overall pick, which is why it is no surprise that he will get a lot of interest from teams in the next few weeks.

It is no secret that he has major talent, but also that he is young. Heck, the kid is only 20 and is said to be the next Robinson Cano. Moncada is the ideal middle-infielder. He has raw power, along with the ability to hit for average, as well as speed. He is definitely a great runner and a possible 30 -30 candidate.

yoan-moncada-olivera-equipo-cuba-sub-18There is obviously more to just signing him, as since he is an international free agent, there will be certain terms that teams will have to follow if they want to sign him. Some teams have already exceeded the maximum amount of money allowed for them to spend on international free agents without having to pay a tax, such as the Yankees and Rays, meaning that since they have already reached their penalty, they likely feel as if they should just keep spending.

I think the most realistic options are the Yankees and dodgers though because they are themlbf_37182421_th_45 only ones who are willing to shell out money to unproven stars.

Both teams need help in their middle-infield and both also have exceeded their tax-limit, meaning that if they send money or not, their tax will be the same, meaning that signing Moncada will not effect how much tax money they pay.

The Yankees held a second workout for him today and it is likely that we will see him in pinstripes as soon as a week.

Should A-Rod be forgiven?

The amount of buzz surrounding A-Rod is probably somewhere around that of a major 20130129020008A_Rod_01Hollywood star.

But hey, that’s what he’s known for. Drama, rumors, you name it. He’s dated half of New York city, but I think that he is ready to clean up his act.

Do I like the Yankees? Yes

Do I like A-Rod? Ehhh

Do I think he will shape up? Yes

I think that A-Rod is already hated by most baseball fans, almost to a point where even when he does something genuine that he still gets blasted for it.

A-Rod's hand-written apology to the fans
A-Rod’s hand-written apology to the fans

And you know what? That is most likely never going to change. But what’s the difference in Alex Rodriguez and Alex Colome? Alex Colome is a minor league pitcher for the Rays who was caught for PED use. What is the difference? They both cheated? But why does no one care about Colome and why does everyone make such a big deal about A-Rod?


When you put a former star + talent+ The New York Media you will get A- Rod.

I am not saying that you have to forgive him or to even accept him. All that I ask is that you give him a chance. Just one more chance to prove that he is worthy to play baseball. Because if Major League Baseball can, so can I. He has one more chance. I repeat ONE more chance, or else he is suspended from baseball forever.

Let’s also not forget that A-Rod behaved during his suspension. Heck, players such as 1119ARodJayson Werth spent time in prison. So, lets just remember that A-Rod did nothing but behave himself and train. After all his time spent training, he should be in great shape and ready for the start of the 2015 season.

Don’t be surprised to see A-Rod start the season on the bench. Don’t be surprised to hear boos from Yankees fans, but just know that he is doing all that he can do to prove that he is worthy to New York, which is why I believe that he will never get near a PED again.

Cole Hamels…whats going to happen??

“Winning? It’s not gonna happen here.”

Those aren’t my words. Those are the words of LHP Cole Hamels of The Phillies who is Cole_Hamels_pitching_2010known to be on the trading block. He has made it clear that he is not demanding a trade, but that he wants to play for a winner.

If you are a part of the baseball world and haven’t heard that Cole Hamels has been connected to the Red Sox, you better get out from under your rock.

Yes, it is very clear that the Sox are interested, but hey…who wouldn’t be?

After all, he’s coming off a year in which he posted a sub-3 ERA again and struck out almost 200 batters.

cole-hamels-2It has been said that the Sox are not willing to deal prospects, as they are wanting to prepare for the future, but hearing that the Phillies are asking for players such as Mookie Betts or Jackie Bradley Jr. leaves me scratching my head if I was a Sox fan.

Don’t get me wrong, it is clear that the Sox are in win-now mode, and after overpaying veteran free agents such as Pablo Sandoval and SS Hanley Ramirez, It is clear that they are not worried about locking them up into long-term deals. All that matters to the Sox is that they win RIGHT NOW.

Ok now lets take a look at the free agents next offseason. David+Price+Detroit+Tigers+v+New+York+Yankees+laP-U84SBbml

Jordan Zimmerman

Johnny Cueto

Zach Grienke

Jeff Sama (i’m not going to try to spell it)

David Price

and the list goes on…

So why in the world is a team like Boston going to give up top level prospects, when in just one more season, they could sign a player for less than what Hamels is making now.

Lets not forget that Hamels still has 4 years and around $100 Million dollars left on his deal and is going to be 32.

This could go right along with the Red Sox plan though… Overpay stars in their prime and deal with the rest later…

If the Sox do end up acquiring Hamels, it would mean that anything less than a 2015 World series win for them would be a failure…