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A major day for MLB history

As I mentioned in one of my previous articles, the riots have had a major effect on the community of Baltimore in more than one way.

It has also been bad for the MLB community.

The commissioner of baseball announced that the Orioles-White Sox game today would be played. Which is a good thing. But, there was another detail about the game…it was not open to the public.1000

That’s right, it was the first game in MLB history that was not open to the public. Although there were obviously some people in the ballpark, technically, the attendance was the lowest ever.

The reason that the commissioner did this was to value the protection of the fans.

empty orioles park 5It was surely a strange day in MLB history. The players seemed to adapt well to it. And the fans of Baltimore also reacted well to it. There were actually fans that waited outside the gates of the stadium, during the game. They were happy when Chris Davis hit a home run, as they cheered from outside the park.

Hey, someone should get that ball, it’s probably still there.

Trevor Bauer wears boxing gloves…just incase

The Royals have been famous the past few weeks for getting into brawls. They have had 042715_Bauer_gloves_MED_zzm8r1u6
conflict with the A’s, the Angels, and the White Sox. The White Sox were the most infamously known throughout the baseball community, as it ended with punches thrown. Multiple players were suspended, and why not be ready for a fight?

The Indian’s best pitcher of 2015, Trevor Bauer came prepared, Monday night, by sitting in the dugout, wearing boxing gloves. It was a cold night, so some speculated they were just to keep his hands warm, others speculate he may just be excited for the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight, But Bauer is known for being a team prankster, and wearing boxing gloves during a game against a team that is known to be conflict-driven is absolutely hilarious.

What’s going on in Baltimore?

Incase you’ve been living under a rock for the past 24 hours, it would be hard not to have 201504553ebbbadbc00heard about the Baltimore riots. These riots have been not only dangerous, but life-threatening. The reason to these riots is the death of Freddie Gray, an african-american gentleman who died, a week after being taken into custody. But that’s not what we’re here to talk about. We’re here to talk about what this means for major league baseball.

The Baltimore Orioles’ game at Camden Yards (which is located less than 4 miles of where the riots took place) was cancelled Monday night because of the riots. We just got word Tuesday morning that the game Tuesday night will be cancelled, as well. There are many other events in the Baltimore area that had to be cancelled because of the riots.

Suspect Dies BaltimoreThis is absolutely mind-blowing. The amount of money that is made at a baseball game is huge, and now, these teams may have to wait months before they face-off again.

Fans who bought tickets and showed up at the gates were put in danger as well as hundreds of Baltimore locals. This is a baseball blog, not a news blog, so I’m not going to start giving my opinion on the riots as a whole, but from a baseball standpoint, these riots literally help nothing, and violence is not the answer when trying to get a point across.

Are the Mets a fluke?

I know it it is still early in the season, but it would be hard to overlook the fact that the Mets are the best team in baseball.

They are currently on an 11-game winning streak, winning their last 10, which were at home.

Another oddity is that they are not near their full potential. Their DL includes starting hi-res-8dd9ff719dcb0217cda171bffbba5fe9_crop_northcatcher and third baseman, Travis d’Arnaud and David Wright. Jerry Blevins, Zack Wheeler, Vic Black and Bobby Parnell also are inured. Their closer, Jenrry Mejjia was suspended for 80 games, at the beginning of this year.

Just imagine them when they get all of their players back.

One of the reasons of their success is that various players are stepping-up.

For instance, 1B, Lucas Duda is hitting over .350

Jeurys FamiliaTheir ace, Bartolo Colon is leading the majors with 4 wins.

Their 2nd pitcher, Travis DeGrom, is pitching to a 0.93 ERA

Their closer, Jeurys Familia, happens to be leading the league in saves, with 8.

For now, only time will tell if the Mets are here to stay, but for now, they have the best record in baseball, and are not looking like they are going to slow down.

The Mets will face the Yankees Friday night, who have won their last 3 games.

The Cubs Shortstop Situation

Incase you haven’t heard, the Cubs have called up top-prospect, shortstop, Addison addisonrussellRussell.

Addison Russell, is not just a top-prospect. He is a 21 year old phenom in the making. He was part of the trade that sent Jeff Samarzdija to the A’s.

It may seem like it is all good for the Cubs now. They have a very young club and are excited about having such a young star. There is only one problem. They already have an All-Star shortstop.

starlin-castro-mlb-tampa-bay-rays-chicago-cubs-850x560The Cubs already have All-Star shortstop, Starlin Castro. He is a great player offensively and defensively as well.

They now have two great shortstops and do not need both. So here is what is going to happen: The Cubs will trade Starlin Castro to the Padres in return for Ian Kennedy and Burch Smith.

The Padres have the pitching to trade and the Cubs need the pitching. Kennedy could give a ton of innings, which the Cubs could really.

The way I see it, it is a win-win for both teams.

If players continue on pace, who would do what?

We can say that since it is Wednesday of the 2nd week that the MLB is 1 1/2 weeks into it.

This being said, we have already seen a ton of action, headlined by two main stars, who both broke records. Adrian Gonzalez and Billy Hamilton.

Hamilton tied an MLB record by stealing 7 bases in his first 4 games, and Gonzalez broke a record by hitting 5 home runs in his first 3 games.

Since most teams have played 7 games, and the season is 162 games, we can make a simple equation to see what players would finish the year with, if they stay on pace, from what they have done throughout the first 7 games.

Adrain Gonzalez .528/ 115 HR/ 208 RBIs

Alex Rodriguez .286 / 46 HR / 161 RBI

Nolan Arenado .324 / 69 HR / 230 RBIs

Nelson Cruz .294 / 139 HR / 208 RBIs

Dee Gordon .378 / 138 Stolen Bases / 328 Hits


It’s always fun to just mess around here, and the reality is that none of these players will come even remotely close to what they have done through the first week, throughout the season.

The most likely of the scenarios of the players above is A-Rod hitting 46 home runs, which sounds crazy.


Yankees Fans Like A-Rod…For Now

A-Rod has been through more drama than a Kardashian in the past few months.

There have been major questions as to if he can still perform on the major league level and 300px-A-Rod3if he can still rebound from his awful 2013.

So far, the fans have welcomed him back with open arms. But, I don’t blame them.

He has hit .300 with a homer and 6 RBIs in his first week back.

The MLB season is 26 weeks, meaning that if he preforms at his pace through the rest of the season, he is looking at a line of .300 with 26 home runs and 156 RBIs.

alex-rodriguez-picture-4Now, is that likely? No

Do I think that he will get even half of the 156 projected RBIs? Probably not.

But one thing is for sure, The Yankees are happy to have A-Rod in their lineup…for now. There is a limited amount of Boos from the home crowd and everything is going good for Alex.

What will really show how much trust the fans have in him is what he will do when he reaches his first dry spell.

His first 3-for-20 will show how the fans really react to him. So, from here on out, only time will tell if Yankees fans are ready to welcome back A-Rod.

Puig says he will cut down on bat flips

It surely tells a lot about the MLB right now that this is the major headline.

The start of the 2015 season drama is dying down, and it is a bit of a dry spell right now. Such news as this would not even make headlines if it were in October, but I will talk about it, nonetheless.

Puig is renowned for his cocky attitude and lust for attention, but I do not think that his “bat flipping” is a disrespect to the game.

The MLB is doing all that they can to make MLB more interesting. They are adding a pitch CCk-AcZUIAAtNBA.jpg-largeclock to make games faster and are possibly thinking about making the strike zone smaller, in order to give hitters an advantage in order to make it more interesting. So why in the world would we try to stop Yasiel Puig?

Puig is hands down the most interesting player in the MLB and I do not think that there is any reason that he should stop what he is doing. He sells tickets in LA, and gets viewer’s attention every time he steps in the box. Let’s keep it that way.

Harvey is as good, if not BETTER than he was in 2013

It could be understood that some people may have forgot about Matt Harvey. After a stellar 2013, he was shut down in 2014, due to a UCL tear, ultimately resulting in Tommy John surgery.

He was simply incredible in 2013 with the Mets. He won 9 games, and pitched to a 2.27 ??????????????????????????ERA, while striking out 191 batters over 178 innings.

In 2013, Harvey’s best year, the Mets were not the Mets that they are today. They won just 74 games.

That being said, it is safe to say that Harvey was pitching for a team that gives little run support, as well as a team that does not get all that much attention.

Well, things have changed since 2013. The Mets have made trades to acquire young talent that is Major League ready, and the 2015 Mets are a team that could win 90 games. Now that they have this kind of team, it just means that Harvey will be even BETTER. He will get a whole lot of run support, as well as have a better bullpen behind him, meaning that he is not going to be asked to give a ton of innings in every game, as he was in 2013.

imageListen to this, after his stellar start last week, his career numbers include a  2.33 ERA, 0.98 WHIP, and 270/58 K/BB in 243 2/3 innings.

Heck, in spring training, his K/BB ratio was 22/1.


That means that he is averaging 22 strikeouts before he issues a walk.

So it may not be crazy to say that Harvey is a candidate to win the NL Cy young. It may be early, but it is safe to say that The Dark Knight is back.

Opening Day!

Today is a day that many have been awaiting to see. Many questions are looking to be od2015_logo_200x108answered. Old players are in new uniforms. Familiar faces will be gone, as new ones arrive.

It’s Opening Day.

Some of the questions looking to be answered is how clubs that spent a ton are going to do.

We saw the Padres make huge moves this offseason… how will they play out?

The Cubs have new faces, as well as a new manager…will they live up to the hype?

The white sox/red sox are looking to go from worst-to-first with their major offseason spending…can they do it?

This will be the first season that the new MLB play clock will be in effect…will it actually USP MLB: ALL STAR GAME S BBO USA MNspeed up games, and will the players adapt?

Max Scherzer is now the highest paid pitcher of all-time…will he live up to his expectations with his new team?

This will be the first season in over 20 years that we don’t see Derek Jeter…will the Yankees fans adapt?

These are all questions that are looked to be answered, but one thing is for sure, 2015 will be a season for the ages.