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Enough with the games.. Are the Tigers Buyers or Sellers?

Many MLB sports fans are sitting around wondering wether their team will end up with Tigers SP David Price or their prized outfielder, Yoenis Cespedes.

Although the Tigers have previously stated that they may keep their players, they are now in 4th place and their GM announced that they will have a “reboot”i

He didn’t say “rebuild.” He said “reboot”

We are not exactly sure what he means by that, but it is smart.

It is smart because if he announces that they are rebuilding, teams may see them as desperate. Since “reboot” sounds better, the teams may offer better prospects in return.

The bottom line is that the Tigers are defiantly not buyers. They are sellers. And they are absolutely rebuilding.

We will likely see Price and Cespedes dealt before the trade deadline

Brian Cashman stays true to his word

Yankees GM, Brian Cashman announced earlier this week that he would not trade away one of his 4 top prospects.

Many fans were skeptical, due to the Yankees typical “win now” approach. 635737017657595835-XXX-dec-835

Brian Cashman actually meant what he said. He apparently turned down a trade Wednesday afternoon for All-Star reliever, Craig Kimbrel because it involved Jorge Mateo, one of the Yankees top prospects.

The Yankees also denied a trade that would send Cole Hamels to the bronx. The Phillies wanted Louis Severino or Aaron Judge. Brian Cashman’s answer was a firm, “no”.]

So I guess that we might not see a blockbuster trade from the Yankees, unless the Yankee are shipping out prospects other than the “core 4”

In The Booth with Dewayne and Brian

Before Saturday’s game between the Rays and Orioles, I had the opportunity to go into the booth with notorious Rays announcer, Dewayne Staats. I also had the great honor of meeting Brian Anderson.

Staats and I talked about his book, “Position to Win: A Look at Baseball and Life From The FullSizeRender.jpg-8Best Seat in The House”, that is coming out pretty soon and I am very excited to read.

Brian Anderson and I talked some baseball before the game. When I got up to the booth, I noticed Brian was highlighting a crowded piece of paper which was filled with his handwriting.

When I asked about it, he told me that he was writing interesting stats about players, so that if during the game he needed to use it, he would have numbers to throw out. Although he worked very hard on the paper, he told me that he will most likely never even glance at it. Mostly because the story lines from the game will come when they come, meaning that trying to start the game with a story may be pointless.

It was such an honor to talk to the two voices of the Rays and it was an opportunity that I will never forget.

Who’s on the Move next?

On a day in which Juan Uribe, Kelly Johnson, and Steve Cishek were traded, we can officially say that MLB trade floodgate has been opened.

As for now, we do not know for sure who will be traded next. We can only assume off the e4f0248c26bc1fd742566d5dccf7c5c1_crop_northsmall bit of facts that we know. We do know for sure that multiple teams have called the A’s about Ben Zobrist, including the Mets and Yankees. We also know that the A’s are willing to move pretty much anyone on their team (except Sonny Grey) for the right price.

We also do know that The Phillies have been in talks with the Cubs and Dodgers regarding star LHP Cole Hamels.

We also do know that the Padres announced that they are “officially sellers”, which could mean that we could see Kimbrel or Upton moved soon.

In reality, the most likely names to be moved are Cueto, Zobrist, and Hamels. I would be surprised to see all three be moved, but you can defiantly expect to see 1 or 2 of them in different uniforms in the next few weeks.

Why does everyone keep worrying about the Yankees pen?

After reading some possible trade destinations for top relievers, I was surprised to see that053012braves CC15 the Yankees were prime candidates to land elite relievers, such as Aroldis Chapman and Craig Kimbrel.

You could argue that the Yankees have the best bullpen in baseball, when healthy. They have Andrew Miller and Dellin Betances, who are basically un-hitable. They have a good group of short relievers, headlined by lefty Justin Wilson, and long men like Adam Warren, who is amongst the team leaders in wins.

I am just having a hard time understanding why the Yanks should add another Elite arm. Where in the world would they fit in? Would you move Kimbrel/Chapman to the 9th, move Miller to the 8th, and Betances to the 7th?

New York Yankees Vs Toronto Blue JaysDon’t get me wrong, I would love to see a bullpen like that, but for the prospects that it would require, I feel that the Yankees should put their attention towards a new starter, or a 2nd baseman.

Kazmir traded to Astros.. And starts a day later

On Thursday evening, news broke that The A’s had traded their solid starter, LHP Scott Kazmir to the Astros in return for catcher Jacob Nottingham and right-handed pitcher Daniel Mengden.

This trade makes a lot of sense for the Astros, who are in need of a solid arm and are in 2nd place, behind the first-place Angels.

As soon as Kazmir arrived to The Astros, he may have been surprised when asked to start their game against the reigning AL-champion, Kansas City Royals.

Kazmir did not disappoint, as he pitched 7 scoreless innings, getting the win in the 4-0 victory over Kansas City.

Choo Hits for Cycle!

Having one of the most disappointing contracts in Rangers history, something like this is needed for the fans.

On Wednesday, July 22nd, Shin Soo Choo hit for the cycle. He came into the 9th inning 8dad0df4de30094de006443286453114_crop_northhaving a Single, Double, and Homer. All he needed was a triple.

He came into the 9th inning and delivered a clutch triple, which completed his cycle.

Coming into the night, he was 3 for his last 22, so it was a much-needed surge of offense from Choo.

Choo is just the 8th Ranger to hit for the cycle

Is Price to Cubs the most realistic option right now?

With the trade deadline approaching, David Price will likely headline the pack of superstars on the market, along with Johnny Cueto and teammate Yoenis Cespedes.

There have been several teams that have shown significant interest in Price. As of now, the most realistic options appear to be the Astros, Angels, and… the Cubs.

In fact, the most realistic option seems to be the Cubs. david-price-tigers

Lets look at the facts.

David Price would love to join his longtime manager, Joe Maddon in Chicago. Maddon and Price shared several great seasons in Tampa Bay.

Another fact is that the Cubs have the prospects to give away. They could likely trade top-prospect Billy McKinney to the Tigers, along with a few other players.

It seems that The Dodgers are going to be the front-runners when he becomes a free agent this offseason, but the Cubs could likely prevent that from happening. Here’s how. It hi-res-793538fffdb84c55c36f9c83cbb58f65_crop_northwouldn’t be a surprise if Price absolutely loves Chicago and wants to spend more than half of a season there. Then, The Cubs could sign him to a multi-year extension, and have him in the windy city for a long time.

As for now, this is only speculation, but it appears that soon, The Cubs could be boasting a rotation that consists of David Price, Jon Lester, and Jake Arrieta.

Are Rentals worth top prospects?

Today, I was reading a forum about whether David Price would be worth it for the New York Yankees. The question arose, “Why are teams trading top prospects for a half-year rental?”

It may seem like a no-brainer to some, but there are some key points that need to be made, which should be asked when conducting a trade like this…Detroit Tigers batter Miguel Cabrera watches the ball as he hits a two-run, two-strike, two-out, home run to tie the game in New York

How good are the prospects?

How good is the player?

How long is the player under contract?

In the end, money is everything in baseball. And if a player is going into his free-agent season (Price, Cueto), it may not be worth it to trade top prospects for a player who is not even guaranteed for a second season.

Price for example. A team like the Yankees would need to shell-out top prospects such as Aaron Judge or Louis Severino to be awarded the services of someone like Price.

Seattle Mariners v Detroit TigersBut, another question arises… Is the player good enough to give the team a chance to win a championship? After all, Isn’t that the ultimate goal?

There are so many variables to formulating a deal, but just looking at some recent ones, it appears as if the team that landed the “big piece” won the deal.

Miguel Cabrera was traded for some prospects that never panned out, along with Cameron Maybin and Andrew Miller. Don’t get me wrong, I love Andrew Miller and Maybin is a great player, but Cabrera is obviously better.

Even Price’s first trade was for Nick Franklin. Franklin is doing noting for the Rays now…And that deal wasn’t for a rental. Price would go on to pitch for the Tigers for another season.

So when looking at it all, there is no way to tell until we see what the prospects do later on down the road… But looking at some recent deals, it appears teams will become more comfortable trading prospects for proven players.

Trouts First ASG At-Bats a pattern?

No matter what way you look at it, Mike Trout is the face of the MLB. He clearly has shown to be consistent enough to be deserving of that title.

After hitting a leadoff homer off Zack Grienke, Trout accomplished an incredible feat that will be talked about for years to come.

Back in his first all star game, in his first at-bat, he had a single.Chevy-Gives-All-Star-MVP-Mike-Trout-a-Corvette-Stingray-1

Back in his second all star game, in his first at-bat, he had a double

Back in his third all star game, in his first at-bat, he had a triple

And last night in his first at-bat… you guessed it.. a home run.

Congratulations to Mike Trout.. Enjoy your car