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Is Trading Brett Gardener for young pitching worth it?

When it comes down to the offseason, there are always many rumors floating around.

Overall, it’s very unlikely that any of these come true. But, one of the most likely rumors this offseason are the one surrounding Brett Gardner.

As a Yankees fan, I love Gardner. His hustle and work ethic are what sets him apart from thebrett-gardner-540x4781 rest. But from a GM standpoint, he may not be with the Yankees much longer.

The Yankees rotation looks awfully shaky at this point and there are certainly some quick fixes out on the open market.

The most realistic option that comes to mind is Angels LHP Andrey Heaney.

The Yankees need a lefty badly at this point and I think a deal involving Heaney and Gardner could happen at this point.

Only time will tell at this point, but I think one thing is for sure: Brian Cashman should stay close to his phone.

Heading into offseason, format of will be changing

Our everyday readers know what to expect from

A site where I share my views on current storylines or upcoming matchups in Major League Baseball.

But for the offseason, you can expect a different format.

Because there are no upcoming games or ongoing match ups, I will turn the tide over to what I think teams will be doing, as well as my opinion on the moves that teams have made.

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The Royals are Champions

Im sorry, this post may be a bit late.

You miss one day in the baseball world, next thing you know, you feel like you missed 3 seasons.

So unless you’ve been unplugged from ESPN, MLB Network, or any major news network, you may have heard that the Royals have won the world series and that the MLB season PI-MLB-Royals-Johnny-Cueto-3-073115.vadapt.620.high.69has come to a close.

Over the course of the post-season, it was evident that there was no team that was stopping the Royals. They finished with the best record in the AL, with not a very high payroll, which is impressive.

They were highlighted by great starting pitching. Johnny Cueto and Edinson Volquez proved to be an excellent duo atop the rotation. The Royals are young, which is scary for the rest of the baseball world. But if you’re a Royals fan, you’re a happy camper.

Their young offense has also proven to be a strength, as it has a great mixture of aggressiveness, perspiration, and youthfulness.

Although Alex Gordon and Johnny Cueto are heading into free agency, it appears that they will have most of their stars back next season.

You can expect the Royals to be contenders next season, and many seasons to come.