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Can we expect another great season from A-Rod?

If I told you at this time last year that Alex Rodriguez would finish the season with more than 30 home runs and 85 RBI’s, you would call me crazy.

But somehow, He did it. No only did he shock all of New York, but he shocked the entire sports world. The Yankees did not expect much from him and I believe you can credit him090313_MLB_Yankees_Alex_Rodriguez_PI_CH_20130903234439508_660_320 as the anchor that moved the team in the direction of the playoffs. I firmly believe that the Yankees would not have made the playoffs if Alex Rodriguez did not have the season he did.

As a Yankees fan, I am happy. But, I want to feel that we can expect Alex Rodriguez to do the same thing in 2016. What do you think he will do next season?

Thoughts on Cashman’s Bullpen decisions

Earlier this month, Yankees GM, Brian Cashman, announced that recently acquired closer Aroldis Chapman would be the one closing games for the Yankees in 2016, handing him the 9th inning role.

Some Yankees fans were left scratching their heads at Cashmans decision for multiple reasons. First off, Aroldis Chapman may not even be able to throw a pitch until June. He is 19464396-mmmainunder investigation by the MLB for alleged violence overseas. Although I will not go in depth in that situation, I do firmly believe that Chapman may not even receive a suspension at all. Secondly, according to the MLB writers, the Yankees already have the best closer in the league. Last Season, Andrew Miller won the Mariano Rivera award for the best reliever in the American League.

We can assume that since Miller will be pitching the 8th, Dellin Betances will be moved to pitch in the 7th.

Many Yankees fans were asking why Chapman was not slotted into the 8th inning role and why the Yankees closer, Andrew Miller was not slotted into the 9th.

In my opinion, I feel Cashman did the right thing. Here’s why. Chapman has no experience pitching anywhere but the 9th. Slotting him into the 8th could be placing him in un-explored waters, and Cashman felt that he would be better somewhere he knows. Miller, on the other hand, does have experience in the 8th inning, so pitching as a set-up man is no new challenge for Miller.

It is no mystery that the Yankees have the best bullpen in baseball and possibly the best in MLB history.