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Miller Breaks Wrist; What this means for Yankees..

Yankees fans may have to take a deep breath after they read the title of the article.

It is true.

Yankees closer (as of 2015) and recipient of the Mariano Rivera award, may start the season on the DL.

He took a line drive to the non-pitching wrist on Wednesday against the Braves. Yankees Braves Spring Baseball

Although he is seeing a hand specialist soon, this is not good news for the Yankees. The Yankees, who have supposedly the most formidable bullpen in the league, may start the season with just one of their trio of three main bullpen arms.

Because Aroldis Chapman will start the season off with a 30-game suspension, and a broken wrist can take up to 8 weeks to heal, it is likely that we may not see the yankees “killer three” arms altogether until late May. will keep you posted with the latest news on Andrew Miller.

Whos #2?

When you ask a Yankees fan who #2 is, their obvious answer will be Derek Jeter.

But in this particular instance we are talking about the starter who will pitch in the #2 slot behind Tanaka, and in front of Severino and Sabathia.

It is safe to say that we can narrow it down to two options. Michael Pineda and Nathan Eovaldi.

Before we dive any deeper, lets look at the stats.

Pineda: 12-10   4.37 ERA   160.2 IP   156 K

Eovaldi: 14-3   4.20 ERA    154.1 IP   121 K

Looking at just the stats, it may seem clear that Eovaldi is the established option.image-3

He actually had the best winning percentage in baseball last year. But, he also had the 2nd highest run support from his team (7.1) in all of baseball.

Pineda’s numbers may be misleading due to a very shaky 2nd half. His first half had him looked at as a possible CY Young candidate.

In my opinion, I think we may see Eovaldi in the #2 slot, but expect a bounce-back year from Pineda.

Yankees rotation starting to unfold

Although there are Yankees starters who are pretty much guaranteed a shot at the starting 5, there are also a few that may be fighting for a spot.

Some believed to be fighting for a spot are Ivan Nova and Michael Pineda. As Spring Luis_Severino_on_August_5,_2015_(2)Training unfolds, it is revealed, and Yankees fans can get a taste of the starting five.

Pineda pitched a great game on Friday. Although he pitched just 5 innings against minor leaguers, they were shutout innings and he allowed just 2 hits. Yankees fans can let out a sigh of relief.

On the contrary, Ivan Nova got shelled by the Orioles. In 4 2/3 innings, Nova gave up six runs and five hits.

If the season were starting today, I think the rotation would look like this

CITY-YANKEES-2-blog4271. Masahiro Tanaka

2. Michael Pineda 

3. Nate Eovaldi 

4. Louis Severino

5. CC Sabathia


A-Rod Announces He’ll Retire after 2017 season

Wednesday afternoon, Alex Rodriguez announced through his agent that his contract 320x486season, 2017, would be his last.

Rodriguez is due $20 Million a year over the next two seasons. A-Rod, who has battled PED accusation throughout his career, will make a strong case for the Hall of Fame.

Although no player who has admitted to using PEDs has made it into the hall, it would not shock me if Alex is the first.

Alex hit over 30 homers for the Yankees last season, with 86 RBIs, while batting .250.

If Alex can hit like he did in 2015, 2016 may be another bright season for the Yankees offense.

Price Dominates Yankees

Tuesday afternoon, David Price was on the hill for the Red Sox, as his team faced their all time arch enemy, The New York Yankees.

Since it is early spring, David Price would only have a few innings to show off what he has. In this case, it was a great few innings. He struck out 6 batters and allowed just one hit to the Yankees over 4 innings pitched.David Price

Over the course of the next few seasons, it is very likely that the Yankees will see Price 5+ games per season. Having been in the AL east for most of his career, the Yankees have had plenty of chances to see price. Price will no doubt be taking the ball for the Red Sox on opening day. In fact, the Red Sox will not have Price pitch in ANY spring training games up to opening day.

You could say that the sox are “bubble wrapping” his arm. No matter what happens, it is no secret that he will be very fun to watch. Even for Yankees fans.

An Incredible day in Bradenton

Although I would like to consider this blog as a Yankees centered blog, I feel that it is always interesting to branch out a bit, and go around my baseball community.

Sunday morning, I had the opportunity to go over to the Pirates spring training complex in Sarasota, Florida.

The game was between the Pirates and Tigers. Because the game was away for the Tigers, there were not many stars there for them. On the contrary, every Pirates star was there for them. Their all Star ace, Gerrit Cole, took the mound. Stars such as Starling Marte, Gregory Polanco, and Andrew McCutchen were all in the lineup for the Bucs.

The Pirates complex was absolutely incredible. I had the opportunity to go back into their clubhouse and workout facility. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to take pictures, so I will have to do my best to describe the incredible experience.

The clubhouse was very state of the art. Flat screen TVs lined the walls of the room. Despite the complex being built in the early 1900’s, the entire complex looks like it could have been built last year. The complex has undergone heavy renovation over the course of the past 10 years.

After the clubhouse, I got to look at the training facility, where I got to watch Fransisco Liriano work out. Next to the training room was where the players eat their food every day. There is a full-time chef on site that cooks up the players whatever they want. The players are being guided on a diet this year of “real foods”, meaning that they are leaning away from packaged and processed foods.

After exiting the room, I ran into two of my favorite players, Andrew McCutchen and Gregory Polanco. I got my baseball signed by McCutchen, and got a picture with Polanco. They are both very humble players.

After that, it was time to watch the game. On the way up to my seats, I ran into Tigers legend, Jim Leyland. We talked a bit and I got a picture with him. It was the perfect way to end the beginning of my day.

The best part was, I had such a great time and there hadn’t even been any baseball yet. I got back to my seat just in time for the first pitch, knowing that I had already had an incredible day.

Gossage’s Controversial Comments

Yankees hall of Famer, Goose Gossage released some statements yesterday that may be very controversial to the world of baseball.

When talking about Blue Jays outfielder, Jose Bautista, Gossage called him a “f—ing mets-dodgers-nlds-game-3disgrace to the game”He later stated that Bautista shouldn’t have been “throwing his bat and acting a like a fool”

It can be assumed that he was talking about Bautista’s three-run homer in Game 5 of the AL division series. He later talked about another hispanic outfielder, Yoenis Cespedes. He stated, “Cespedes, same thing.”

Cespedes played it off as if he had never even heard of Gossage. He stated “Who is he? A pitcher?”

He also stated that he had never heard of him before he released the statements.

The Valspar Pro-Am

On Monday, March 7th, I took a trip over to Innisbrook golf course and resort to cover the IMG_6008annual Pro-am for the Valspar championship. The Valspar championship is at Innisbrook every year. This year is arguably going to raise the most attention worldwide, due to the fact that it is headlined by PGA champion Jordan Spieth.

Although Jordan Spieth may not have even been at Innisbrook Monday, there were major stars golfing, such as Josh Donaldson, Jameis Winston, Mike Schmidt, and many more.

Josh Donaldson buying a hot dog

The day started out with me walking in and noticing the extreme detail put into everything by Valspar. They designed a large part of the course to be “paint themed.” It was very colorful. The drive markers were paint buckets and there were many paint incorporated themes.

As I was waiting at the driving range, I got to talk to Blue Jay’s projected starter, Marcus Stroman. He explained how incredible the young Blue Jays are looking for the upcoming season. I also got to talk to 2015 AL MVP Josh Donaldson. I talked to Josh about whether or not he will be at the Rascal Flatts concert on Thursday night. Josh said he will and that he can’t wait.

Many fans followed Josh Donaldson everywhere he went. In fact, Donaldson made a trip to the snack shack, where he was followed by many Blue Jays fans- who wanted to talk to him. Josh answered all their questions, like a true professional.

As I was walking around, a particular stand caught my eye. It said, “Callaway Warrior Club IMG_6017 2Fitting”

I was curious as to what the sign stood for, so I asked a lady running the desk. She explained to me that two soldiers who actively serve are selected to come out to the pro-am, get custom fitted Calloway clubs, and receive 1-on-1 golf training from a professional trainer. I love the concept and was sure to thank both soldiers for their service to our country.

As I was walking out, I got to stop and talk to Hall of Famer, Rich “Goose” Gossage. Him and I talked about the future of the Yankees. According to Goose, it is looking bright.

FullSizeRender 2I later ran into Bob Passwater, one of the founders of Hooters. He shared with me how excited he was for the concert Thursday night.

Many Bucs fans came out just to get up close with Pro Bowler rookie quarterback, Jameis Winston. Winston was very nice and professional with the fans.

Fan favorite, Johnny Damon, made an appearance. Johnny spent by far the most time with the fans. He signed autographs for every single fan that approached him. He took pictures and engaged in conversation with every single fan.

It is no doubt that Innisbrook is the best setting for this golf event. I have to put out a hugeIMG_6012 thank you to all the workers who made the course look incredible. It was looking top-notch on Monday, and I am sure that the PGA golfers will agree. Boxer, Winky wright, won the Pro-am. Many players will be at The Rascal Flatts concert on Thursday night, which is free to the general public and is located at Innisbrook Golf course and resort in Palm Harbor, Florida.