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Swisher approaching potential call-up

After Swisher’s first few minor league games, many thought he was doing great, but they SWISHthought he was a fluke. As of today, we can agree that he has not been a fluke thus far as his numbers continue to impress.

After 11 games, he’s hitting a stellar .357 with 3 home runs, 6 RBIs with an OPS of .863

As of now, the Yankees backup first baseman is Dustin Ackley, who is not the most stable option.

Nick Swisher said, “I just feel it’s time, man,” Swisher said. “This is my shot. This is it. It’s going to happen or it’s not. I’m going to fight for it, man. I’m going to scratch and claw and do whatever I can to get myself on a team. I hope it’s with the Yankees. And if it’s not, it’s somebody else. I just want to get myself back.”

Yankees highly anticipating Chapman’s Return

With the return of suspended closer Aroldis Chapman coming ever closer, Yankees fans and players are very happy.

635914073762469181-USP-MLB-NEW-YORK-YANKEES-WORKOUTS-79780858The Yankees record is under .500 and they could use any jolt of energy that they can get. Their bullpen has actually been very good as of yet, but the Yankees can expect it to get better upon Chapman’s return.

His set up man, Dellin Betances stated, “I think it’s going to be a lot of fun and I think we’re all going to embrace having fun with it.”

The Yankees will have a versatile bullpen when he comes into it.  Yankees manager, Joe Girardi understands that he will not have to use all of his “big three” relievers, as he can maneuver his bullpen the way he wants.

“It’s going to be really nice to have and there maybe will be days where you can’t use one of them, and that’s okay”

– Joe Girardi

Aaron Hicks causing early decisions

When the Yankees traded their backup catcher, J.R. Murphy, for Twins outfielder Aaron Hicks, many Yankees fans were excited that they’d be receiving a switch-hitting solid bat to hit off lefties.

What Yankees fans didn’t expect was that it would cause early outfield confusion. images

The plan was to play Hicks against lefties and bench either Brett Gardner or Jacoby Ellsbury.

The problem is, despite his defensive heroics, Hicks has not lived up to his potential. Hicks is batting .095 (2-for-21) and against righties, he’s  1-for-14. Against lefties? He’s having seasons worse than Gardner and Ellsbury, who are batting .333 and .250 against them, respectively.

From here on out, Girardi will have to make tough decisions on who he bats and where they play in the field. If Hicks stays in a slump, he may find himself as a permanent bench bat.

Eovaldi brilliant in 3-1 win over Texas

Monday night, the Yankees had Nathan Eovaldi on the hill against the Texas Rangers.

The Yankees came in 3 games under .500 and needed to win to bounce back and start thenate road series off with a W.

The Yankees got more than they could have asked for from Eovaldi.

He took a no-hitter into the seventh inning. It looked as if he was going to throw a no-hitter until it was broken up by a leadoff single from Nomar Mazara.

The Yankees held on to a lead despite an 8th inning homer given up by Dellin Betances, which was his first earned run allowed this season.

Lets hear these stats from Jake Arrieta

Although this is generally a Yankees-Centered blog, sometimes, certain facts or numbers just pop up and they need to be shared.

I think its safe to say that Arrieta’s recent pitching has been nothing less than historical. there were four stats released by ESPN which really make him look as if he’s one of the jakearrietabest pitchers of this decade.

Heres how.

Since June 27th, Jake Arrieta has gone 20-1. Twenty wins and one loss.

His only loss came to Cole Hamels. Cole Hamels threw a no-hitter in that game.

Over that course, Arrieta has thrown two no-hitters. He has more no-hitters than losses. Meaning that he has a higher chance of throwing a no hitter than losing a baseball game. That really must make a team feel great coming into the game.

Over that course, he has allowed four home runs. He has hit three himself.

These are just mind-blowing statistics that show the dominance of he MLB’s best pitcher

Bryce Harper a Yankee? I think yes

Bryce Harper? A Yankee?

We’ve heard the rumors. We’ve heard the speculation. But soon, I believe that it will be a reality.

Here’s how.

Did you know that the Yankees were the only MLB team to not sign a free agent last Bryce-Harper1offseason? It is very clear that the Yankees are saving up. Their last major free agent signed was Masahiro Tanaka, a few years back. Since then, the Yankees have not done much of anything.

Not only that, but three of the Yankees worst contracts: CC Sabathia, Mark Texiera, and Alex Rodriguez (each make over $20 Million per year), will all have expired contracts by 2018, which leaves the Yankees a lot of payroll flexibility.

Harper is set to make at least $400 million dollars, shattering any previous contract record.

He will have 10 years and $400 as the baseline, and I have heard people even discussing a 12-year, $500 million dollar contract.

Insane numbers, but realistic numbers.

The thought of Harper in pinstripes in the near future gives just about every Yankees fan goosebumps.

Swisher tearing up Minors

After the Yankees picked up the recently released 35 year old outfielder, Nick Swisher, many fans rejoiced.

YankeesIt would make perfect sense to have one of the original 2009 world series champion New York Yankees back on the team.

The Yankees signed him to a minor league deal with the hopes he would be an over-average minor league bat. He has been anything but average as of late.

Swisher has hit .333 (6-for-18) with a home run and three RBIs through his first few games.

Although it is early, it would be very cool to see him in pinstripes soon. Who knows? It may be just what the Yankees need to spark a world series run.

How are this years ex-Yankees doing?

I read an interesting article on that explained how the Yankees that have been traded or signed since the end of last season are panning out.

UnknownOf them, 3 are hitters and two are pitchers.

Of the three hitters, they are JR Murphy, Chris Young, and Stephen Drew. Between the three, they are batting 7 for 47 with one home run, which is not good at all.

The different story has been how Yankees pitchers have pitched on different teams. Adam Warren and Justin Wilson have fit in nicely this far with their new team’s bullpen. They’ve both pitched a combined 8 innings and have yet to allow a run.

It may be early, but it is safe to assume that the Yankees gave away players who will both exceed expectations and also disappoint on their new teams.

Castro Lectured; Will start new diet

“The difference between giving a player a three-year contract and a five-year contract is the body,” Yankees outfielder, Carlos Beltran, told Starlin Castro earlier this season.

Castro, just 26, is already looking like he’s found a permanent home with the New York castroweb27s-2-webYankees.

He told reporters that he talked to the two oldest Yankees, Alex Rodriguez and Carlos Beltran, who come in at 39 and 40 years of age, respectably.

Castro is many years behind the two, but admitted to pondering the weight loss factor. He understands that there will need to be major changes made if it means that he is going to shred off a few pounds. He stated that he will start with a new workout plan, and cut out one major food… rice.

Castro said, “All Latins … we don’t eat good, for sure. Rice doesn’t have any protein. When you see it, you forget about it.”

If Castro is smart, he will take the advice from the potential hall-of-famers and lose some weight to make himself more agile and athletic, something that the Yankees could use at this point.

Just how good has the Yankees back end been this year?

If you have seen any bit of the Yankees bullpen, you can see that they’ve been close to perfect.

Despite a shaky first outing of the season from Dellin Betances on opening day, their dynamic duo has been incredible. Not only are they incredible, but they are just fun to watch. They make hitters look silly.

Andrew Miller and Dellin Betances might formulate the best bullpen in baseball just between the two of them. Throw in Aroldis Chapman (who is set to return in early may) and you have a scary bullpen. Enough to shorten games to 6 innings.

Just how good have they been? Here’s how good.

Andrew Miller has faced 17 batters this year. Out of the 17, he struck out 12. Out of his last seven batters he’s faced, he struck out all seven. 17498836-standard

Now lets look at Betances.

Betances has faced a bit more batters, as of yet. Betances has faced 24 batters this season and struck out a whopping 15.

So add it up and out of 41 batters the duo has faced, 27 have been struck out.

Not only that but I assume that the bullpen will get even scarier when the best reliever in the game is thrown into the mix, making possibly the best bullpen trio in MLB history.