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Yankees, Cubs Discussing Eovaldi Trade

Yankees fans may be scratching their heads at the headline of this article.

The Yankees and their fans are used to being buyers at any point of the season, whether it be the offseason, trade deadline, or just Mid-May.

Here is why I may be in favor of this deal. Eovaldi could be in his prime. He has won his lastnate 6 outings, has a fastball that can hit 102, and is proving to be an ace in the near future. The Cubs are showing interest, which means there is heavy upside.

The name being throw around for a potential return is Javier Baez. It may seem crazy, but to make the Yankees pull the trigger on a trade like this,  a top prospect would be needed in return.

This sounds good, but until it happens, it looks like Eovaldi is staying in pinstripes.

Yankees inch way back to .500

Although the Yankees have been struggling as of recent, the Yankees are slowly inching their way back to .500. In fact they have won their last six games, thanks to a great starting rotation and stellar bullpen, which leads the majors in k/9.

The Yankees hot streak can be directly attributed to their pitching, as they have been 11pineda-blog480excellent. does a great job recapping their last 6 starts.

  • Tuesday: Eovaldi’s two-hitter
  • Sunday: Michael Pineda allows three runs in six inning, strikes out six
  • Saturday: Masahiro Tanaka goes seven, allows just one run
  • Friday: CC Sabathia, fresh off DL, strikes out eight in six innings
  • Thursday: Nova tosses six, allows just one run
  • Wednesday: Eovaldi allows one run in six innings

A great stretch of starts and a great bullpen can be added up to equal an excellent team altogether.

The Yankees are getting fun to watch.

Another Yankees loss leads to further frustration

The Yankees came in playing the Diamondbacks on Tuesday night, coming off a solid win on Monday night.

The Yankees had right Michael Pineda on the hill for them, who was set to face off against imagesformer NL Cy Young winner Zach Grienke.

The Yankees had the early lead, due to a homer from 2B Starlin Castro.

After that, it all went downhill. Paul Goldschmidt had a clutch RBI single to put them on top. Welling Castillo had a great night at the plate as well.

The Yankees lost the game 5 to 3 in the end.

Trout to Yankees? May be more probable than you think

Mike Trout to the Yankees?

Yeah, maybe when pigs fly and Michael Jackson comes back to life.

That may have been your first thought when you heard those five words. But looking at howla-sp-c1-mike-trout-20130922-dto the Angels are playing and their current franchise situation, it may be more than likely that Mike Trout be moved before the summer starts.

The Angels may be entering a rebuilding stage, as they have shelled out contracts to players who are past their prime, such as C.J. Wilson and Albert Pujols.

Although Trout is not past his prime, he is still owed a lot of money, which the Angels would love to free up. Not only would they be able to free up money, but they would get an incredible return for him. He would likely require three to four top prospects, as well as one young, major league developed star.

The Yankees can do it. In fact, there was an article yesterday that ranked the top destination spots for Mike Trout. Who finished first? The Yankees.

la-sp-mike-trout-20130302The Yankees would need to give up the trio of young stars and the young developed player, which they have in their arsenal. The question is, whether not Brian Cashman will pull the trigger. Here’s who would likely go.

SP Louis Severino, SS Jorge Mateo, OF Aaron Judge, RP Dellin Betances

Although that may seem like a ton of players to give up, the Yankees would likely make that move if a prospect or two was thrown in with Trout. Trout also is only 24 and gives the Yankees the chance to have a franchise center fielder for many years to come.

Yankees inching out of drought

Sunday afternoon, The Yankees played the White Sox. The Yankees had their ace, Masahiro Tanaka on the hill.

Tanaka came in after a shaky start las week, where he surrendered 6 runs, three of themMLB: Boston Red Sox at New York Yankees coming via the long-ball.

The Yankees were ready to hit. They had huge hits from Carlos Beltran, Starlin Castro, Brian McCann, and especially Chase Headley, who slapped a clutch hit to give the Yankees the lead, late in the game. Brian McCann’s solo shot was the nail in the coffin.

The Yankees bullpen was great for the most part. Dellin Betances surrendered a run, but stranded runners on second and third and escaped the deficit.

Aroldis Chapman pitched a scoreless ninth to get the save.

Big win for Yankees

When the Yankees faced the reigning World Series Champion, Kansas City Royals, they likely entered the game with a good amount of confidence. They had their ace, Masahiro Tanaka, on the mound. Tanaka did not pitch all that well, but he initially got the win due to a lot of run support from the Yankees.

brett-gardner-540x4781They were backed by big doubles from Brett Gardener and Brian McCann.

As for their bullpen, Andrew Miller pitched in his first game with the setup role. Coincidentally, he allowed his first run of the season. As for the 9th inning, Aroldis Chapman pitched a brilliant inning, allowing no runs and topping out at 102 MPH.

It may be way early to say, but it seems as if there may be a spark of life in the Yankees, which is huge as this point. If they are going to turn their season around, they need to start playing baseball like this every single game.

Chapman gets off to good start, struggles, then completes inning

Lets be honest, Aroldis Chapman could have allowed ten runs and the Yankees would still been more than happy to see him.

635914073762469181-USP-MLB-NEW-YORK-YANKEES-WORKOUTS-79780858When Aroldis Chapman took the mound in the ninth, when the Yankees had the 5-1 lead over the Royals, The Yankees had a comfortable lead, so the fans were more anxious just to see Chapman throw.

Chapman threw the ball well. He hit 101 miles per hour and struck out his first two batters. He then allowed a double, which led to a run; but thats not the point.

The point is that Aroldis Chapman is officially a Yankee and threw the ball well. As a Yankees fan, I think that I can speak on behalf of all of Yankee America…

We are more than excited to have Chapman back.

Chapman Back… Finally

After 30 (well, actually 29 due to a rainout) games, the Yankees are finally ready to see Aroldis Chapman in pinstripes.

Due to a domestic violence case, Chapman has been sidelined due to a suspension from 01CHAPMANweb-master675the MLB. He has spent his time in Tampa, working with the organization. He has been pitching to rookie hitters, but it is clear that he is ready to face batters in the major leagues.

Chapman had yet another incredible season last year. He had 33 saves, and pitched to a  brilliant 1.63 ERA, while striking out 116.

Chapman is scheduled to return tonight, when the Yankees face off against the reigning World Series Champions, Kansas City Royals.

It is no doubt that the Yankees are excited to bring the MLB’s best closer into their closing role.

Sitting Down with Drew Rossi

Last Thursday afternoon, I had the excellent opportunity to sit down with Drew Rossi, former Nationals prospect. Drew is currently working for the Pirates Organization. FullSizeRender

I got to ask Drew a few questions..

What is the biggest difference between playing in college and playing professional baseball?

For that, the adjustments. just making adjustments because the guys are a lot better. Seeing better players, day in and day out. Not that there’s not good college players, but you’re seeing the better players all get together now. The traveling is much different. You know, you go from going to class, go play a game, go home. Now it’s, you’re packing your bags, packing your stuff, 3 Day road trips, Sometimes 10 days depending on where you’re going. Basically, learning how to schedule your time because there’s a lot more difficulties. You have to be able to make those adjustments.

What advice would you have to a high school baseball player, to get to get where you are today?

The faster you can figure out who you are as a player, the better off you’re going to be. You know, High schoolers aspire to be that big player. They want to be the next Mike Trout, They want to be the next Bryce Harper, They want to be the next Andrew McCutchen. And that’s great, if you can find out who you are as a baseball player and get better at your talents, And make your talents the best they can possibly be, day in and day out. Focus And get that one 10th of 1% better each and every day, as that adds up over time, you be that better person, and it makes you stand out.

FullSizeRender 2Growing up, who were your favorite players to watch?

I Had a couple different ones, based on the abilities they had. Growing up with a father working in professional baseball, and my uncle being a part of a team, Manny Ramirez is one for me. I just loved the way he was able to swing the bat. Looking back at it, everything I tried to do and mold myself off of was [Derek] Jeter. Watching him go about his business, you never heard anything bad about him, he did everything the right way. There was never any type of outside press. He showed up to the ballpark, He got his work done, He made others better, And he wanted to be that guy that helped push his team. Growing up as a kid, watching him win three Straight championships, with my dad being a part of that team was really cool. What really won me over was when we went to the World Series game, I think it was game four, against the braves, it was ’99. I saw Derek Jeter hitting off a tee, behind the turtle, In a World Series game. You’re talking, Game number 170..ish, and he’s still hitting off a tee. It’s just one of those things I’ll never forget. I had the opportunity to meet him two years ago. I got to have a conversation with him when he came down to Scranton Wilkes-Barre. Watching him go about his business and how he was able to finish his career, that was everything.

You started playing professional baseball, in the middle of everything, Taking ground balls,
hitting off tees, etc. Now, you’re on the technical side, seeing it from a totally different angle. Is there anything that you see now that you never noticed at the time?

Absolutely. From where I am now, I watch these guys work and try to put myself back in their shoes. I try to take it from a point of, I had a reason to be nervous. As a player, you want to do your best everyday. But sometimes, while striving to do your best, you put a little bit of unneeded pressure on yourself. But going back, if I could talk to my younger self, I would tell myself that there’s nothing to be tense about. You’ve been playing this game since you were little. Go out and have fun.

Another Loss..

Tuesday night, the Yankees went to Baltimore to face the Baltimore Orioles.

The Yankees had righty Louis Severino on the mound. He had an early lead but after allowing home runs to Mark Trumbo, the Yankees could not overcome the 4-1 deficit.04-CITY-YANKEES-master768

Severino dropped not one but two balls at first, tossed to him from first baseman, Mark Teixeira. One of the errors led to a run.

This loss moved the Yankees record to 8 wins and 16 losses, meaning that they have lost twice as many games as they have won, making their record a scary .333.

As scary of a time this is for the Yankees, reporters say that it could get even worse.

The only have one game off in the next 29 games, meaning they will be playing just about every night with little rest. Not only that, but Alex Rodriguez limped off the field in the 8th inning after running out a ground ball.