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Blue Jays may send Sanchez to bullpen, what it means for Yankees

The Blue Jays sent scouts last Thursday night to watch two pitchers

One of them was the Padres RHP Andrew Cashner.

The latter? CC Sabathia. aaron-sanchez-2013-bm

Yes you heard me correctly. The Blue Jays sent scouts to watch CC Sabathia pitch.

The Blue Jays currently are considering sending elite All Star starter, Aaron Sanchez to the bullpen, and scouting other starters in return.

Instead of scouting elite names such as Chris Sale, they have turned their attention to future free agents with a lower price tag.

Don’t be surprised if Sabathia is traded to Toronto in the next few weeks.

Chapman Hits 105; then gets save

Its not uncommon that we have short articles on this blog, but sometimes, actions just speak louder than words.

In this case, the action being Aroldis Chapman hitting 105 on a fastball Tuesday night in01CHAPMANweb-master675 the 9th against Orioles infielder JJ Hardy.

I can only imagine what was going through Hardy’s head.

Not only did he finish off the inning, but he secured the save, which led to a 2-1 victory.

105 marks the hardest pitch of 2016.

Indians a sleeper for potential trade

In the wake of losing 3 out of four games to the Yankees, it would appear that the Indians are interested in two of the Yankees valuable trade assets.

Both are names that are commonly thrown around throughout the league. One of them being Aroldis Chapman, and the other being Andrew Miller. Yankees Braves Spring Baseball

The Yankees, 44-44, appear to be sellers at this Years deadline, and the Indians (who have the 6th best farm in the MLB according to appear to be a team who needs what the Yankees have.

Don’t be surprised if we see both dominant lefties shipped out to Ohio this trade deadline.

For Yankees to trade Miller, offer must “blow them away:

The Yankees have let Andrew Miller know.

First off, I love Andrew Miller. He is hands down one of my favorite players. He just plays the game right. He is amazing on and off the field.

Like myself, I am sure the Yankees would hate to see him go. Unfortunately, it seems as if Yankees Braves Spring Baseballhe may be on the move in the next month. With the Trade deadline approaching, the yankees have stated that they would only trade Miller if the offer “blew them away.”

A big return for Andrew Miller? It seems that may be what it comes down to.. and only time will tell. One thing is for sure.. The Yankees would hate to see Miller go.

Late sub is difference in victory over Indians

The Yankees came into their game Saturday night against the Indians two games under .500. It is their last series before the all star break.

The Yankees were down for the majority of the game.

In the eleventh inning, Carlos Beltran had a two-out single. Girardi smartly removed Betran and subbed in Ronald Torreyes. Torreyes is not only faster than  Beltran, but is 100% healthy, unlike Beltran who is battling hamstring problems. espnapi_dm_140605_mlb_news_carlos_beltran_retunrs_wmain

On the next pitch, Brian McCann would rope a double to right. Torreyes would score.

Such a small move from Girardi changed the outcome of the game. There was no way Beltran would have scored on that hit.

After this win, the Yankees have a chance to finish the first half with a .500 record.