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The Sanchez Sensation

It’s official… Gary Sanchez is a freak of nature.

Contrary to critic belief, Yankees Catcher Gary Sanchez has been tearing up the big leagues ever since he stepped up to the plate.

He already has 11 home runs and 21 RBIs in his short MLB tenure of just 88 at bats. Sanchez-1024x683

He is already making history. He is the quickest player in MLB history to hit 11 home runs. 11 is a small number when looking at the big picture, but looking at what he has accomplished, it is simply incredible.

He is currently batting third for one of the largest franchises in all of sports. He is batting an incredible .398 and has already beat out Brian McCann for the starting catcher spot.

Gary Sanchez may not have been here for long, but what he is doing proves that he is here to stay.

Yankees are now contenders

Call me crazy but slowly, the Yankees have become one of the most hot teams in baseball.

The Yankees have received a new spark of life. Their rookies.

Today, Brian Cashman announced  that Gary Sanchez would become their starting Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 6.11.21 PMcatcher, and Brian McCann would become a DH, primarily. This could begin the move of the young Yankees stepping into the young Yankees’ shoes.

As a Yankees fan, I am obviously excited.

Over the three main Yankees rookies games, they have had a combined 6 homers. All three are batting over .300 and have combined for 10 RBIs.

Expect to see the Yankees contending from here on out..

Who Went out, who came in, and what it means..

Any modern day millennial baseball fan would usually expect The New York Yankees to be extreme buyers at and deadline or offseason. This offseason, The Yankees took a different approach and did something they haven’t done since the early 90’s.

The New York Yankees sold out.

Well, not exactly.

They are expecting to build around 3 key players. Didi Gregorius, Masahiro Tanaka, and11yankeesweb-01-master1050 Dellin Betances. Everyone else is considered available at this point. The Yankees “big three” bullpen is considered a “big one” now after the Yankees shipped out Andrew Miller and Aroldis Chapman. Although fans are devastated, believe me when I tell you, Brian Cashman is a genius.

Brian Cashman did not only win the two trades, he made the other teams (Cubs and Indians) look silly.

When the Yankees acquired the ultimate package of prospects from the Cubs. They Received Glayber Torres, who is a top prospect from the Cubs, along with another top prospect, as well as a single-a player and Adam Warren, who could be considered as the Yankees setup man. All for Aroldis Chapman (who will likely only be a Cub for a few months until the offseason comes around)

19464396-mmmainAs for Miller, The Yankees received Clint Frazier, one who many believe is the future of the Yankees. He is ranked as one of the top 25 prospects in baseball. They also received Justus Scheffield, who is ranked as one of the top 100 prospects in the majors.

The Yankees traded Carlos Beltran (who is set to be a free agent) and received Dillon Tate (This years 4th overall draft pick) as well as two others.

Seeing beloved Yankees depart may be tough for the team to swallow. That being said, understanding what this means for the future of the Yankees will almost certainly guarantee a promising future.