An Amazing Day In The Bronx

My awesome day started off with a subway ride to the Bronx. Being a Florida native, it wasIMG_8512-1 definitely an interesting experience for me to do something like that.

Once I got to the stadium, I had the amazing honor of seeing a long-time friend and role model, Ray Negron. Ray has been a part of the Yankees since he was my age. He is a bestselling author and is working on a TV show that will be about his life around the Yankee clubhouse and more. The pilot will be filmed in October, and they are aiming for over 60 episodes! I got a picture with Ray

Ray Negron and I
Ray Negron and I

and his original Yankees World Series ring. I tried putting it in my pocket after the picture, but he noticed and jokingly put me in a headlock.

After we went to our seats, I got a text from Buck Martinez, who is the head TV announcer for the Blue Jays. Buck wanted me to come and see where it all happens.

I met Buck in the announcers booth and man, was it cool. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes that we, as viewers, never see. For instance, you may have heard Buck say, “Justin Smoak hit his first grand slam today.” IMG_8518

But what we don’t see is that there are people along side Buck that are working hard on giving up-to-the-minute information to Buck about the game.

As you may know, there is no real way to study for a baseball game. There is no way to prepare yourself for a game as an announcer. The only real way is to know how to give relevant, interesting information on the fly. That is why you may think Buck Martinez may just be watching the game while speaking into a microphone. That’s what I thought happened before I saw what really happens. But in reality, Buck is surrounded by hand-written papers which are covered in highlighter. He is reading notes, as well as taking them. He is multitasking and it looks impossible, but somehow, he does it.

FullSizeRender-1He talked to me about how he has a head piece on and how he hears stuff coming in through one of the headphones while he is speaking. He added that it was tough to get used to, but now he has the hang of it.

After I talked to Buck, I had to leave. Even though my Yankees lost, Blue Jays fans got to leave happy.

It was an incredible day that I will never forget.

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