Cashman: CBAs Have “crippled” us in The Past

As much as the Yankees would love to sign some of the big time free agents this winter, it appears as if they are going to take a cautious approach.

Cashman stated:

The previous CBAs have really hindered us, so I think the next one is something we’re clearly going to be interested in on how it will impact us over the entire course of the term of the contract,” Cashman says. “In the short term, I don’t think it will affect how we do business in 2017. The last few have impacted us exactly as they were expected to and why it was done the way it was. Lot of teams benefited significantly.”

Cashman also added that he is very excited about Gleyber Torres, who has now moved up to the Yankees #1 prospect. He batted .403 in the Arizona Fall League.

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