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Miller Thriving in Cleveland

When the Yankees dealt their dominant set-up man, Andrew Miller, to Cleveland during this years trade deadline, many Yankees fans felt The Yankees won the trade.

The acquired 3 top prospects, headlined by outfield phenom, Clint Frazier.17498836-standard

I did not feel the same way. I hoped the Yankees would have kept Miller and built a future around him. Although Miller is now an Indian, he remains my favorite player.

Although it is way too early to see who won this deal, it appears as if the Indians are very happy with how it is working. In their 5 postseason victories, he has pitched 7 2/3 innings.

His dominance will likely carry the Indians to the World Series.


2014-15 Free Agent Profile: Victor Martinez

It is no secret that players such as Adrian Beltré, David Ortiz and Victor Martinez seem to get better with age. Not only has Victor had his best IMG_0197.JPG

season, but he had a season making him a worthy recipient of the AL MVP award. His batting average is off the charts, as he is batting over .330 with less than a week of the season to go. But a high average does not mean that he is having a power drought, as he is also among the league leaders in home runs with 30. His ability to drive in runs is what really sets him apart. He is constantly getting big 2-out hits that put his team in the lead. He is already over the 100 RBI mark and the season still has another week.

When I look at possible teams to sign him, the teams that stand out are the Yankees (of course), the White Sox, and his team, the Detroit Tigers.
Entering his age 36 season, it would seem he would be looking for a short term contract that would take him into his 40s. He would be seeking 27+ million dollars per year, if he was a premium position player that played a position such as shortstop or catcher, but since he is a DH and can not play the field, I predict he signs a deal making 22-25 million dollars per year.

Prediction : Signs 5 Year $110 million dollar deal with the New York Yankees 

Who wins the Prince Fielder Trade?

On November 20th, The Tigers traded 1st baseman Prince Fielder to the Rangers, in exchange for 2nd baseman Ian Kinsler.

When you look at Fielders previous stats, you may say this years were down, but Fielder still had a great overall year, as he posted a .279 BA with 25 HRs and 106 RBIs. Kinsler, on the other hand, did not. He posted a .277 BA with 13 HRs and 73 RBIs. When you look at the stats, it’s clear that Fielder has the upper hand, but lets look deeper…The Rangers had themselves in an infield mess coming into this offseason. Who knew one trade, could put them into a perfect infield setting? Elvis Andrus, Ian Kinsler, and Jurickson Profar, are all middle infielders for Texas. Two of them being shortstops, one being a second baseman. The Rangers front office shipped out the second baseman to Detroit. But why?

Rangers 2B Jurickson Profar

Ian Kinsler has declined in the past few seasons, from an offensive standpoint. Moving Kinsler to Detroit gives The Rangers the option to move Profar over to second base and keep Andrus at shortstop. Everyone wins. Right?

Wrong. The Tigers receive Kinsler, which means they get a solid second baseman. Lets take a look at his stats from the previous three years.

2011  32 HR 77 RBI 30 SB

2012 19 HR  72 RBI  21 SB


2013  13 HR  72 RBI  15 SB

They are declining. The Tigers loose a huge threat in the middle of their order, for an over-average second baseman.

In Conclusion, this makes perfect sense for The Rangers as it adds depth to their infield and adds the power that they will be missing in Nelson Cruz. It is obvious that the winners of this trade are indeed the Texas Rangers.


NL Cy Young?

Let’s take a look at the 2013 NL Cy Young candidates 

Adam Wainwright 15-7  2.58 ERA   1.03 WHIP   182 SO

Adam has bounced back from his 2012 season when he had an ERA of almost 4.00. This year he has made his mark as one of the most dominant pitchers in all of baseball. With a sub-3 ERA and 15 wins with over a month left to go, it looks like Wainwright could be in position to have his best season ever.

Liga Nacional Serie de Campeonato de Juego 4 en St. Louis

Matt Harvey 9-5  2.27 ERA  0.93 WHIP  191 SO

Matt Harvey is the Met’s ace they’ve been looking for. Harvey is the best starting pitcher under 25 in all of baseball. He was the starter of the All Star Game. Unfortunately for Mets fans, Harvey will be shut down as he has a partial tear in his elbow and could be looking at surgery.

Matt Harvey

Clayton Kershaw 13-7  1.72 ERA   0.86 WHIP   188 SO


What can I say? Clayton Kershaw has proven to be the most dominant pitcher of the past 3 years. He won the award 2 years ago, should’ve won it last year, and looks like he’ll be taking it home this year, as well.

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